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Our album "Liberation" is out!
"Never Forget" video feat. @ralf_scheepers_official

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Here we are,guys,It’s the day! Our new album LIBERATION is OUT NOW!!!!! Get your copy and check it out yourselves!!!! We want to say thanks to Francesco Palumbo and My Kingdom Music for believing in the project... Ralf, Blaze, Alle, Julia and Gae for being very special guests... Claudio and Flavio Zampa (Impronte Records) and Simone Mularoni (Domination Studio) for their very good work... Silvia Muraca for her perfect artwork...and, of course, our fans for supporting us all around the world 🤘🏻 I.S.

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Look who’s the amazing incredible and, of course, beautiful special guest in “A new one”….Yes she is guys:  the powerful voice of 5RAND and a very special friend of ours JULIA ELENOIR

You can pre-order the CD at:

Guardate un po’ chi è l’incredibile e bellissima special guest in “A new one”…si proprio lei: la portentosa voce dei 5RAND e nostra carissima amica JULIA ELENOIR

E’ possibile effettuare il pre-order del CD qui:

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WOW!!! INFINITA SYMPHONIA "Liberation" digiCD just arrived and immediately Power Metal and Progressive Metal have a new landscape. 
Order it at:

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Hell Yeah Guys! We “NEVER FORGET”  where we come from, and we never forget about you all and your incredible support along the way: we proudly look forward to sharing with you LIBERATION, a new work, same passion ever.
Let’s start with the official video of the song “NEVER FORGET”

Link in bio🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 >>> Pre-order the CD at:
>>> Release date: December 7th, 2018  #InfinitaSymphonia #liberation #PowerMetal #ProgressiveMetal #HeavyMetal #ralfscheepers #fabiolioneofficial #blazebayley #timripperowens #mykingdommusic
We have no idea from  where to start to present the very special guest we are going to announce..
One of the best voices in the world, an amazing frontman, an incredible singing master and, we can assure you, a wonderful person! We are proud to tell that RALF SCHEEPERS will duet with LUCA MICIONI in the song “NEVER FORGET” and this is his personal message for you!

You can pre-order the CD at:

Non sappiamo da dove cominciare per presentare l’ospite che stiamo per annunciarvi..
Una della più belle voci al mondo, un frontman incredibile, un grande insegnante di canto e, possiamo assicurarvelo, una persona meravigliosa! Siamo davvero orgogliosi di dirvi che RALF SCHEEPERS duetterà con LUCA MICIONI in “NEVER FORGET” e questo è il suo messaggio personale per voi

E’ possibile effettuare il pre-order del CD qui:
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...🤘🏻 #mykingdommusic #infinitasymphonia #blazebayley #blazebayleyofficial #ironmaiden
A very important piece of metal music history will be on “LIBERATION” as a special guest : an amazing voice and a very singing master, the great BLAZE BAYLEY, who is brilliant and moving in his duet  with LUCA MICIONI in “A Silent Hero”
Take a look at his personal message for you!

You can pre-order the CD at:

Un importante pezzo della storia della musica metal comparirà su LIBERATION come special guest : una incredibile voce e una professionalità impeccabile, il grande BLAZE BAYLEY,  vibrante ed emozionante nel duetto con LUCA MICIONI in “A Silent Hero”.
Date un’occhiata al suo personale messaggio per voi!

E’ possibile effettuare il pre-order del CD qui:
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We are very proud to present one of the very special guests of LIBERATION, the amazing italian voice of Trick or Treat, Twilight Force and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody ALESSANDRO CONTI who will duet with LUCA MICIONI in the song "Be Wise or Be Fool”…and this is his personal message  for you!

You can pre-order the CD at:

Siamo lieti di annunciare una delle special guests di LIBERATION,l’incredibile voce italiana dei Trick or Treat, Twilight Force e Luca Turilli's Rhapsody ALESSANDRO CONTI che duetterà con LUCA MICIONI sul brano “Be Wise or be fool”..e questo è il suo messaggio personale per voi!

E' possibile effettuare il pre-order del CD qui:

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INFINITA SYMPHONIA unveil new album cover and tracklist

On December 7th 2018, Power Progressive Metallers INFINITA SYMPHONIA will release their third album "Liberation" which amazing cover was painted by the talented Italian artist Silvia Muraca.
Track listing is as follows: 1. Hope - 2. The Time Has Come - 3. Never Forget - 4. How Do You Feel? - 5. Coma - 6. A Silent Hero - 7. Be Wise Or Be Fool - 8. A New One - 9. Don't Fall Asleep Again - 10. Liberation - 11. Q & A

The album, mixed by Claudio e Flavio Zampa at Impronte Records and mastered by Simone Mularoni at the well-known Domination Studios, is enriched by various special guests we will reveal during the next days.

So, no more to say here, just keep your eyes well open. INFINITA SYMPHONIA is back!

You can pre-order the CD at:

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"Liberation", the long-awaited INFINITA SYMPHONIA's return, will be released on December 7th and
beyond any doubt it will paint new musical landscapes with the intention to finally reach the 
well deserved international recognition (in this sense the agreement signed with Rock On Agency very active
booking agency based in Rome).
In the meantime, together with their new label My Kingdom Music, they will release the first two albums in
digital format: "A Mind's Chronicle" and "Infinita Symphonia" respectively  originally released 2011 and
2013. November 16th is the fixed release date.
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INFINITA SYMPHONIA sign to My Kingdom Music!

My Kingdom Music is pleased to announce the signing of Rome based Metal band INFINITA SYMPHONIA.
They are ready to paint new epic, complex and melodic musical landscapes with their 3rd album titled "Liberation". It will be released in December 2018 and we can already announce the presence of great special guests that honoured the band with their performances.

INFINITA SYMPHONIA is arrived, ready and hungry for the next big steps.

Infinita Symphonia #infinitasymphonia #HeavyMetal #PowerMetal #Progressive #Prog #Liberation