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Congrats cabay @okinurmala sama @royhan670 
May your love will be eternally blessed by Allah. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ******* Doain tukang fotonya cepet nyusul ya gaes. 😂 amin.
Regrann from @the.motivational.muslim -  What you do today can redefine your future. Don't cry over the choices you've made, start making the right choices. Start planting your seeds and make it worth the wait 🌱
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👨Lo ngaps miring miring like that? 👦Nga papa

Faint pala rapunzel tp tetap semangat menghadapi try-an.😘 #reupload
@Regranned from -  SOUND ON 🔊
Alhamdulillah, bisa ketemu jum'at lagi,
Don't forget, read surah Al Kahfi
Barangsiapa yang membaca surat Al Kahfi pada hari Jum'at
maka ia akan disinari oleh cahaya diantara dua Jum'at
🔉 @boim97
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@Regranned from @the.motivational.muslim -  Let not those shake your firmness, who they them self have no certainty of faith. Qur'an 30:60
#themotivationalmuslim - #regrann
Never lose hope. 🌞
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God, the Generous, has allowed us to enter His presence at any time without appointment, and to remain in His presence for as long as we want to ask Him whatever we can ask. Simply by spreading a prayer mat and saying "God is Great", we are in His presence, able to ask whatever we like. Where is the king that allows us to enter his presence at any time, and to remain in his presence however long we like?

Dr Mustafa Mahmud ***** How awesome Allah is *****
Credit Pic: Japri dari buk bos pas umroh. 😊❤️ One day Insya Allah

Maap ganti foto
Kalo di blokir ama manusia. Ah, cuma manusia ini. (Sefruit pengalaman lyfe) 😉
Your first arena of struggle is your own selves, if you triumph over them, you will have power over others, and if you fail at struggling against them, you will be weaker against others. Therefore try fighting your own souls first, and remember that the whole world is waiting for a generation of young people characterized by perfect purity, impeccable morals and high manners, so be these youth and do not despair. 
Keep in mind the words of the gracious messenger, Allah's peace and blessings upon him: "Guarantee for me six things in yourselves and I can guarantee Paradise for you: Speak the truth, keep your promises, protect what's entrusted to you, protect your chastity, lower your gaze (from the opposite sex), and keep your hands away (from other people's rights and properties)". Then look, are you these? And "Allah will see your work, and so will His messenger and the believers, then you will be returned to the world of the Unseen and the witnessing, and then He will inform you of what you used to do." Imam Hassan al-Banna

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