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This gnarly looking nug of💨Blucifer💨 of my favorites. Notes of blueberrys and chocolate with this one, super dense always.  Hope I could get a cut of this strain one day, im sure it smells wild growing fresh. #inhaletime
Rap snitches, telling all their business
Sit in the court and be their own star witness
Do you see the perpetrator? - Yeah, I'm right here @gasdrawls
Sasquatch Sap dripping out its resin (Chems Sister x Chocolate Diesel) #INHALETIME
🔥🔥Sasquach Sap🔥🔥
(Chems Sister x Chocolate Diesel) 
Going down on 🍇🍇Grape Krush🍇🍇 this saturday morning. #inhaletime
🍇🍇Grape Krush🍇🍇
I'm not the type to get involved in long relationships (Why)
Takin' trips and buyin' gifts I'm sorry you're not on the tip (What)
If you want romance you should just stick who you already with (Ok)
If you in that means you can just hit me on that late night tip (Oh)
#inhaletime #36mafia
Super rough image of 🍇Golden Berry🍇 at 39 days, trichomes are starting to get milky. Only around 4 images stacked, handheld. Just wanted to see where she was at.  #inhaletime
Diving into 🏵🌹Valley Girl 🌹🏵 for the morning sesh. ( Face Off OG BX1 x Valley OG )  #INHALETIME
Los Angeles! If you need your Cannabis Products  photographed, send me a DM. Im open to collaborate with CA cultivators and brands. Portfolio available upon request.
🌹🏵 Valley Girl 🏵🌹
(Face Off OG BX1 x Valley OG)
Golden Berry (Kushberry x Jew Gold ) at 31 days. Smelling like we dug up a blueberry farm 🐮🐷🐄 in here. #frostrails Super interesting strain. #inhaletime @dna_genetics
A closer 👀 at the spacey Kushashima.
💀#inhaletime 💀
🍇🍍Golden Berry 🍍🍇 (Kushberry x Jew Gold ) 24 days into flower and shes smelling a little like decomposing bodies and blueberries.  #fluxing #goldenberry