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Lost thoughts coming soon.

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Tonight we flower. #obese
Bushy C99 and SSH #bonegrown
Cinderella 99...another week till the flip. #brothersgrimmseeds
Samsung LM561C S6 LEDs... Think I built the sun. #topbin #inhaletime
Cinderella 99 getting freaky. 11 fingers..12 13?? Whorled phyllotaxy also... An very interesting strain so far. A little slow on growth, bumping up the nutrients helped a bit. 46 days veg, taking her to 60. She's branching nice now.  Original seed batch. #c99 #inhaletime #brothersgrimmseeds
Golden Berry right before the ✂
Inspecting the trichomes for ripeness. Looking good, few more days. Trying to get them all cloudy with a hint of amber. This is a Sativa. Harvesting when cloudy with give you a nice euphoric head high. By allowing some trichomes to ripen more and turn amber, it will give you a more slight couchlock/narcotic effect. 220 images stacked. #inhaletime #macromob #losanglesfarmers
10 more days until the Golden Berry harvest. Super cloudy, letting her ripe a little more.. sprinkling some amber in. 220 images stacked. #inhaletime #losanglesfarmers
🔵🔵Blucifer🔵🔵 Love the way she looks. About 50% amber, some cool purple resin stalks popping out. The purple is pretty dominate in this pheno. This is a product of Blue Dream and Conspiracy Kush. 
I fail to find Blue Dream a good strain in any aspect, but once mixed with Conspiracy Kush it becomes energetic and relaxing. For some time now I have had issues throughout the day with my hands getting stiff, hard to hold onto smaller objects with my fingers. I have since found out that smoking cannabis relieves inflammation in my hands, along with loosing them up, allowing me to draw more accurate in my art. #inhaletime #blucifer #losangelesfarmers
A closer look at Cheese, you can see the resin being squeezed out of the calyxes and leafs. These images are color balanced with a colorcard and the screen I use to edit has been calibrated this week. The yellow in this flower is very obvious. #inhaletime #hightimes
Cheese (Skunk x Afghanistan)
One of my favorite phenotypes over the years with its gnarly sour cheese aroma. #inhaletime #stinkycheese
Blood Orange Cookies

Ive been having a lot of issues with my knees lately,  almost to the point I cant walk anymore, the pain makes me shake sometimes. All my life Ive been very active and I guess its finally catching up. I have been using cbd rub on both my legs the past few days and it seems to help when the pain gets too extreame. I also aid them with a healthy dose of THC throughout the day to keep everything in motion. #inhaletime #losangelesfarmers