c̪̬̔͂͡9̦̫̎̂͘͞9̢̻̟͍̏̏́̕ 2x͓͋ 3͔̂0̬̆4̮̤̆̾ L̙̰̰͘͠͞M̨̥̞̖̬̠͋͛͑̍͗̚5̙̃6̦͎̋͂1́̓̆C S̡̧̢̛̞̯̯̿̾̏͞͡͡͠6̂͊̈́̆ 1̣́̄x Q̒̋̍̍͊B̋͂9̅̓̓6̉̚v̩͋2̙̱̳̱͓͑̇̍̒̀


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The end is near.
Smelling like a Colombia 🍍🍍🍍 farm. #cinderella99
C99 on roids this run..fragrance and weight 📈.
💡💡s out. 35 days 💪🏼.
Juicy Cindy..After I defoliated I noticed a few leafs doing this.. The last 2 are before defoliation. #dontmindthemess
Noticing the reds pulling color out of the leafs, also enjoying the low temps at night..I think this will be a colorful run. This is now under a mix of high power white LED and 630nm Red and 660nm Deep Red. Starting to smell delicious once again...#qb96v2 #grapefruitleague #diyled #ledgrown #cinderella99
20 days blooming #c99 #qb96v2
Had a hail storm last week and destroy a lot of the town, power out for a few hours, just got internet service back.. I collected the hail for a tea. Giving the plants a diverse source of nutrients and microbes really make them thrive. 
My teas usually consist of 2 cups EWC, 20 ML of @humboldtssecretsupplies Golden Tree, about 3oz molasses brewed in 5 gallons of filtered water (hail this time) for 24 hours and then apply.  I find that this works great on tea days along side the NFTG line. 
Pictured is @horticulturelightinggroup’s new tech #qb96v2, hooked up and running. Additional red + plus 185 watts. Looking like I’ve got full coverage plus some now. 19 days blooming #cinderella99 #inhaletime.
Made an adjustable frame for my lights. They can be spread further apart, closed and the angle can be tilted. I will be adding a #qb96v2 powered by a HLG-185-54A in the gap as soon as she arrives. Since I’m approaching the end of stretch, I added 1ml per gallon of @humboldtssecretsupplies Flower Stacker to the #nftg mix..brewing a tea for the next watering... everything is on schedule. @brothersgrimmseeds #cinderella99
First week of flower. #cinderella99 #nftg #tea #scrog
Good mourning.
Meet me at the Hole in the Wall...Day 1 bloom of Cinderella 99. #inhaletime #scrog #ganjah #humboldtssecretgoldentree #kaleidoscope