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An 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm in South Lincolnshire

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1 match, oh yes indeedy. Yesterday did possibly one of my favourite things... big old bonfire on a sunny clear January day. Team Inkpot have been making big differences at the little field we call Southbeck. Thank you Helen, Nigel, David, Barbara & Jenni x x
Right something Michael Gove is saying lots of good words... mmm how unusual for an MP to say a load of good words... #ORFC
I love starting the new year at The Oxford Real Farming Conference. Preparing for two days of inspiration & motivation x #ORFC
There are so many times that I feel grateful for what we do here at The Inkpot, the people that we get to meet, that support us & that we get to feed, or give space for, or share knowledge & experiences & inspiration. Today has definitely been one of this days. It’s been lovely seeing so many of you, catching up, showing folks around, seeing so many Christmas dinners head off. So many of you have been so lovely this year. There are 8 Inkpot turkeys going to people who wouldn’t other wise have a turkey this year. Yesterday we dropped 3 turkeys off to the New Life Community Larder in Sleaford - 2 donated by a customer & we three girls decided to add another.. it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. There were 45 boxes full of gifts & food, beautifully wrapped up, waiting to delivered to specific families who would otherwise not have enough for food let alone presents this year. Most of them don’t know it’s coming. I walked out & sobbed in the car like the big cry baby I am (thanks both parents for this genes!). It’s so utterly disgusting that there are people so skint in this country where so many have so much, yet it is so utterly beautiful that there are such brilliant people coming together & helping others when they fall... I know so many of you have done things to help others this Christmas & throughout the year. You are all bloomin marvellous. Thank you all for being who you are x x x
29 turkeys going into Santa’s sleigh today... This elf has bags under her eyes! Looking forward to seeing a load of you tomorrow here to pick yours up. Any last minute wonders, we can sort you out x x
Morning folks, as we enter the party season please take a moment to consider helium balloons, fireworks & those flying burning lantern thingies... I found this in the grass next to the sheep... very easy to accidentally eat... very easily can accidentally kill an animal... remember folks, it’s not just David Attenborough swimming around in the sea that gets affected by our plastic decisions x x
What do we reckon? Keep the drips or paint over them? To go up on a roadside somewhere tomorrow...
It’s all about making babies here at The Inkpot this week. The handsome (if a little pungent) BillyBob is visiting the goat girls. Socks the ram may be the happiest & busiest boy around today as he went in with his 24 wives... there is a crowd of happy ewes with a lip curling grinning ram in the middle. Then tomorrow the cows are off to visit their ‘boy next door’ bull boyfriend x x
Beautiful autumnal morning here with the grazers x
Why do we call the turkeys our Woodland Managers here at The Inkpot? They get moved on each week to an area full of plants that have gone to seed, they happily scrummage around in them under the young trees we planted. They eat the seeds, leaves & insects. Then one of us will work along the hedge cutting blackthorn suckers, hawthorn & dog rose lengths, the turkeys favourites are rosehips & blackthorn leaves. Because of this diet, the turkey seem to eat a lot less of the bought in organic & GM free feed that they top up with. The area they leave behind is well fertilised & ready to spring into life again. The young trees get a prune & their tree guards checked. Thank you turkeys x x http://www.the-Inkpot/turkeys
Thank you everyone for another awesome Preserving the Harvest weekend at the Inkpot! Next year 8-9th September, save the date x x