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An 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm in South Lincolnshire

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It’s feeling very Eastery here at the Inkpot. Ducklings, goat kids and so far 17 healthy lambs running around with more on their way, blossom & tulips... If anyone wants to come on over we have working wednesdays each week.. just let us know if you want to come & get your hands dirty for the day x
That moment when you find out whether that ram lamb whose balls didn’t drop last year... did actually (as you suspected)... drop! Amy kicks off the years lambing with a beautiful healthy set of twins - white boy, black girl... her third time lambing, but first set of twins. A beautiful Inkpot blend - Lincoln longwool x Norfolk horn x Shetland x Jacob... let the fun begin x x
We have house guests... Elî and Ephen are this year’s first babies.. goat kids... They became orphans last night, their beautiful gentle lioness mother died suddenly from suspected Enterotoxemia (I’d never heard of it either). They are calm little chappies but early days without mum so young can be dicey....
Feeling spring in the air today... delving into my seeds stash to see what needs to go on the shopping list from the brilliant #seedcooperative x
So clever Inkpot followers... what’s cooking in the pot and why? x x
Monday morning at the office... it’s the calm before the storm here at the moment. The last few weeks of ‘winter’ to catch-up with admin / hedging / building works before the baby boom starts from March (goats go first), the veg garden will pull the attention with seed sowing, and moving the flerd back to the Inkpot home field for settling in before lambing x x
I know taking photos of your dinner is annoying.. but just wanted to celebrate this homegrown Sunday feast in the hungry gap... @inkpotfarm grown or raised - Kale, Potatoes, Garlic, Pumpkin, Hogget chops; and Carrots, Celariac and Swede from our gorgeous friends @apricotcentre after visiting them last weekend x x
Be still thy beating hearts ladies and lads... What handsome boys have come to be the daddies of future Inkpot lambs... This weekend a little Noah’s Ark trip occurred down to Dartmoor to pick up some new friends for The Inkpot. We were only supposed to be getting two, but we’ll blame Rebecca Hoskings for having challenges with counting! These gorgeous boys were part of the Village Farm crew and now (from the left) Sid, Smokey, Pretty Boy & Dickus are here, bringing fresh genes. They are enjoying exploring the big field surrounded by trees and bird song - just what they need after a long trip on the motorway yesterday x x
It’s a balmy -7 here with the grazers this morning. Everyone looking beautiful with their frosty coats, showing how well insulated native breeds are... Naturally designed to thrive outdoors in a British winter x
Sheep skin alert! These are our first Inkpot Sheepskins back from the organic tannery. They’ve done a beautiful job. I could just snuggle up on them on this cold afternoon... but sadly they’ve all been pre-ordered and will be winging their way off to their new homes soon. If you would like an Inkpot Sheepskin - organically reared and tanned, entirely pasture fed, high welfare sheep... We have some beautiful Shetland and Shetland cross skins in the pipeline available in late spring £85 plus postage to anywhere in the world...possibly the slowest turnaround time for anything you can order from the Inkpot... Order today and possibly get it in 6 months time! x x
Merry Christmas to all from the Inkpot. We were blooming blown away to be able to drop off 23 turkeys to be given to families in need, in & around Sleaford this Christmas. These boxes were filled with everything a family needs for a Christmas feast, treats & a present for each person in the household. The New Life Church in Sleaford make it all happen, but the turkeys were down to you lot this year! So thank you, especially to Liesbeth Bos, Andy Thurston, Barbara Liberty, Brian & Brenda Thorogood, Lisa Brown, Ben Brown, Mags Lennard and Martha & Elisabeth. Have a very merry Christmas everyone and if it’s not a thing you celebrate - enjoy this day of stillness & peace x x
Meat alert - did you know you can get an Inkpot turkey delivered to your door in time for Christmas? Or why not take the excuse to come and visit the farm? Come and pick yours up on the 22nd from 11am and we’ll be happy to show you around, have a chat and night even have some mince pies on the go... please order your turkey here.... x x