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An 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm in South Lincolnshire

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We had something of a baby boom yesterday.. this little lot of girls were the stars of the show.. Shepherdesses Elisabeth & Martha were out with their headtorches & waterproofs in the wind & rain last night, helping to get this little family in... ‘Princess Maggot’ (I didn’t name her!) has 3 lovely strong little girls & is feeding them all herself... so suggestions for three names for a set of triplets all beginning with D folks....
And so it starts... a bit earlier than calculated... Welcome to the world little boys... Professor Mcgonagall (front) & Storm have both won the ‘who’s gonna lamb first’ game this year x x
RIP little hens, 4 bodies found so far, only a few feathers to be found of the cockerel... dawn raid... x x
Short back & sides anyone? Why did I spend the hottest April day since 1949 shearing my sheeps’ bums? With this heat burst, the grass & clover is suddenly growing fast, the grazers’ gut flora aren’t ready for such richness & so often get v runny poos in the first flush of spring growth, the poo forms clumps round their bums & the heat brings flies, who lay their eggs in the poo (on the sheep). Those eggs hatch into maggots who search for food... sheep skin... sheep can be eaten alive, it’s horrible, it’s pretty far from glamour... so sheep farmers around the country will be giving their sheep ‘back, sack & cracks’ or ‘Brazilians’ around this kinda time.... another reason why meat / wool / sheep skins should not be cheap... raising animals well is wonderful work, but on days like today it is also sweaty & shitty & yes I did get wee’d on at one point x x
Time to place your bets folks... the goats are not in a posing mood... Goat kids are due from today onwards... soo what do you reckon... Is Appleonia (darker one, blue collar) in kid? Is Dominique (lighter, red collar) carrying 1 or 2? How many goat kids do you reckon we’re gonna get? x x
Hmmm what’s going on at the Inkpot now? Next step of the house retrofit is.... any guesses...?
Does anyone know why this is a good sign of spring for the Inkpot Chickens? x
It’s been a dodgy first few weeks of spring... incredibly wet, but 2 days of sun & a breeze & things are looking better. The grass is starting to grow well & the field is looking ok. These lot are looking fat & happy for grazers that have lived out on only pasture through the beasts & rains of this winter... Some very round bellies are telling me lambs should be with us at the beginning of May x
Yesterday we said goodbye to the lovely David. Inkpot Intern #5, he survived a whole year! Thank you so much David. The sheep didn’t want him to go.. they had a break out just as he was leaving! Fred will miss his walking sofa x
Who are you feeding on your feeders today? x
1 match, oh yes indeedy. Yesterday did possibly one of my favourite things... big old bonfire on a sunny clear January day. Team Inkpot have been making big differences at the little field we call Southbeck. Thank you Helen, Nigel, David, Barbara & Jenni x x