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An 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm in South Lincolnshire

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Inkpot turkey fun
A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to pop down to Totnes to visit some friends. The Apricot Centre, has moved from Essex to Devon, I can't believe that in such a short amount of time Marina & family, and Bob with the help of some awesome volunteers & a new veg grower, have done so much work. Huxhum's Cross, a farm bought entirely by community shares & the Biodynamic Land Trust is dripping with amazing food & so many fruit trees already planted. Well done Team Apricot Centre! Anyone who lives nearby, get involved, order your veg, go & say hello x x
The mystery of the missing sheep has not entirely been solved. But she has returned! On Tuesday night we had a storm here. The 'flerd' were down at 'Southbeck' the newest of the new fields. Southbeck is full of brambles & thickets of Blackthorn suckers. Angel (named by Martha aged 7) dissappeared overnight. We searched & searched but found no trace... as days passed I gave up hope of finding her alive. The flerd got moved home on Thursday & it felt so sad to leave without her. Yesterday we had a working party down there clearing some of the thickets trying to find her body... when hey presto... Suddenly Angel was there, happily munching away like nothing had ever happened... She is now happily back with her flerd. I've tried asking her where she went but she ain't saying nuffin x
It was a beautiful evening yesterday at Northbeck (the extra field). All the grazers happily mooching in the evening sun. A lovely diverse pasture & drinking fresh stream water, bucketed to them by hand by their staff x x
The Forest Garden is looking amazing at the moment... it's dripping with food, alive with insects & full of flowers. I love how you can bung in a load of fruit trees, fruit bushes, herbs, etc... pretty much abandon them and year after year stuff your face full of the freshest, juiciest food, with no chemicals, no money & bursting with flavour... what's not to love about this permaculture malarkey x x
It's been a weekend of animal moving fun at The Inkpot.. the grazers are on tour down on our borrowed fields the other side of the village... which means logistical challenges, loading lovely naughty ones, fencing, ragwort removing and general fun. There are happy munching grazers, happily settled for a couple of weeks & an eerily quiet field up here x
Massive thanks to the wonderful Fran Pickering for sharing so much knowledge & fun this weekend x x
Day one of the Nordic Permaculture Festival in Iceland... great sessions on Permaculture research, Human relations in Permaculture, Recent course graduates showing their designs & I did a talk about how we have used permaculture to transform the Inkpot from a depleted, compacted arable field into an abundant, bio-diverse, little farm producing award winning food. The talk was packed out with a very interested international audience x
Sad news folks... Charlie was put down this morning. I got the vet out as his leg had not improved at all, she had a good look and found a break high up. We think he must have been trodden on on day 1. We both really wanted to give him a chance but there was no way to splint it as very high up. He was in a lot of pain. It was the fairest thing to do, it was very calm & quiet. A truly lovely vet. I sobbed, it was a tough decision... maybe with comfrey we could have fixed it, but it's not fair to have kept him in pain any longer x x
Guess who just had a little suckle from his mum! Charlie walks a bit if I nudge him along & this morning I got him on the teat. Peggy stood stock still, but for any of you out there who have lambed, he's like a big dopey lamb... put him on the teat, he suckled a bit, then came off... but this is major progress. He has til Thursday to be completely on his mum, as we are off to Iceland (again!). It's interesting seeing the difference in Pat & Peggy now though... look how sleek & shiny Pat looks (behind) while the stress is showing in Peggy's condition, lots more herbs for her x x
Look what Charlie can do! Not fully on 4 feet but nearly there... Peggy was looking at Cedric who was having a mad moment skipping & twirling... I reckon that will be Charlie in a couple of days x
Charlie is full of fight this morning & trying to get up. Just needs to figure out his front feet now. Peggy's face says it all...Love, astonishment, a little confusion... Though up on his back legs it's obvious to see why she struggled to get him out, he is huge x