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An 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm in South Lincolnshire

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You lot make me grin! Just sorting some of the early turkey orders for Inkpot Christmas turkeys & laughing at the additional comments you lot are writing... ‘fan-fucking-tastic’, ‘ I love you, you’re a legend’, ‘I don’t know you but I feel I trust you completely’, and in response to how did you find out about Inkpot turkeys - ‘bloody rotten facebook’ & ‘over large quantities of alcohol’. Hahaha!! You can order yours at x x
And then you get days like these, thanks to the oh soo lovely Ann & Steve! First they made my eyes all wet again when they surprised me with a drawing they’d had commissioned of Kea (my ‘first born’ yes I know she’s a dog, I mean she was the first to come along in the branch of the family tree that I’ve sculpted)... Then Steve steals my secateurs & they come back with a new blade on them... I realised the blade was 10 years old & they have been used pretty much every day of their life!!... Then we spent the day together in the sun, sorting out firewood and catching up. Ann did magic with her chainsaw and is also now ‘Wiper-woman’ after fixing the wipers on two different Inkpot vehicles (Roger & Nora).... Oh Mrs & Mr Pole, I bloomin love you. Thank you soo much for today x x
And some days farming just breaks your heart... Peggy is alive & looking well, but her lovely heifer calf didn’t make it. A calf (like a lamb, kid, goal etc) needs to come out two front feet & a nose... she had one foot forward & one back, far back... I tried, our lovely neighbour Will Watts came & helped & we got her out but there was just no life in her. I realised I first helped a calf out 25 years ago... I’ve never lost one at birth before... seeing Peggy trying to lick her calf back to life made my eyes very wet. I’ve left the calf with her until she is ready to walk away. I do this with ewes & lambs too, sometimes it’s a few minutes, sometimes it takes 24 hours, but it feels right for them to decide when to leave. It’s just not fair, Peggy is the sweetest, loveliest cow I’ve ever met, she’s had two calves & never had either up on it’s feet suckling... Third time lucky Peggy, we’ll get there... And yet again, there were so many hands to help in a dark few hours - Will calving hero, Liz who bought Martha home & stayed to help, David & Sarah who arrived in the middle of it all by accident & stayed with kind words & wet shoulders & then Keri who bought us chips when dinner seemed like it just wouldn’t happen. Thank you all you wonderful lovely people x x x
Shadowy sleepy figures in the field on this beautiful stormy dawn... Today I shall be mainly cow watching... Our beautiful gentle Peggy is in the very early stages of calving... Peggy was the one who had her first calf last year (Charlie) who died after a very difficult birth. Ever since then that wild little heifer has been the most affectionate cow I’ve ever met, coming over for her daily massages & a bit of loving. So very much hoping there’ll be a picture of a healthy calf & Mum in the next day or so x x
3 ton bags of Inkpot fleece dropped off at the mill Today (completely forgot to take a photo at the mill - far too interesting chat with Paul the Miller!). Watch out knitters & Dyers, The first Inkpot Shetland wool will be ready for sale soon x x
Look at this beauty! Anyone know what it is? x
It’s turkey time again at the Inkpot... these chirpy little dudes & dudettes have been settling in well over the last month or so. They are our woodland managers, eating the old growth of the summer under the young trees, feasting on seeds, insects & berries, while I prune our little trees & have a natter with them x
We’ve hit a new low at the Inkpot... our little reservoir has been faithfully sticking with us through this very dry year, but until we have some decent rains, this one is now no longer any use for animal water... luckily still plenary in the big one... we may have had virtually no rains for months, but thanks to the resilient water aspect of our Permaculture design the ~200 animals st the Inkpot are still only on rain water x
Spot anything wrong with this photo?!... why can’t sheep be more like whales? All those lovely YouTube videos where sea animals swim up to humans to help untangle them... Amy got her head through the bucket handle & then wouldn’t trust me as I was sooo scary & must be connected to this big yellow trap I must have set up for her... no buckets or sheep were damaged in the making of this photo! They parted ways after a few minutes x x
The Inkpot ‘flerd’ are loving the diversity down on the little field we call Southbeck. Animals regenerating scrubland x x
It seems we had a crazy little bit of wind today...this morning when we left... this 10m x 3m heavy structured marquee was over the table... it seems it flew 100m... taking out Martha’s tent, this little oak tree & the fence keeping in 9 sheep (the boys club). Very lucky no-one was around. No serious harm done, just another day in the adventure of the Inkpot x
It seems it’s been a good year for onions at the Inkpot... More award winning Permaculture Produce, these have been grown with no chemicals & no watering just plenty of home made compost & well mulched x