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This iconic block craft was inspired by another craft project that we have done for Tampines Regional Library. We really enjoyed working on it back then, and we had many people ask us if the pieces were on sale. We thought about it for a while... and this is how we'd like to share it with you guys! We're popping up again for another weekend at Our Tampines Hub from 3-6pm (directly behind the performance area where the Public Service Centre is) So super great to see the Easties getting neighbourhood-proud when we asked them about the blocks they were creating.
#artsinyourneighbourhood #tampinestroopers #tampines #ayn #teamtampines
Calling all Tampines Troopers! Who thinks that the East side is the Best side? Declare your affection for Tampines, and pin it on your sleeves / shirt. This Tampines Community Pins craft is happening this Sunday at Our Tampines Hub Atrium, 3-6pm.
#artsinyourneighbourhood #tampinestroopers #teamtampines
CALLING ALL TAMPINES TROOPERS! We will be at Our Tampines Hub for the next 2 weekends to craft with you! Celebrate your block / neighbourhood with this iconic block making craft. Happening this weekend, 16 and 17 March, 3-6pm. 💓
#artsinyourneighbourhood #tampinestroopers #teamtampines
It's already midway into the third month of 2019. Are we the only ones who feels like time is passing extremely fast? It's a long March ahead, and the studio is heading to Tampines in the upcoming weekends to craft with you! More details to come, but meanwhile, March on troopers! ☁🌤
It's been slightly quiet here, but only because Weiyan (yours truly) has been running around Rainbow Centre with the most wonderful team at @superheromesg to put together PEEKABOO! I see you! An inclusive arts festival co-created with the wonderful community at Rainbow Centre, 6 different artists, and a bunch of great captains. Truly a labour of love born from a five-month arts residency programme. It aims to bring together families who care for children with special needs and the general public through free guided art tours on Saturdays, inclusive art workshops for kids through the March school holidays and PARENTS for PARENTS, a community-led initiative to empower caregivers with practical skills, nurture self advocacy and push for progress on inclusion.
It was extremely challenging narrowing down pictures to make this post to share about the festival because there's so much I want to say/share! I wish I could show you how dear Hairis loved going through the universe of feelings together with his friends and Captain @quekie, learning about while we all had different fears, we're not very different from one another. Or about how Captain @afwhye used technology so cleverly and wonderfully, as she worked with a group of rainbow children who communicate in unconventional ways (assistive tech devices, with their eyes and facial expressions) to make art in unconventional ways. There's also team @uyii who worked with 2 group of children - one of which is with the youngest group at Rainbow Centre, the cuties from the early intervention programme, together with their 5yo Ruiyang, to access art/the act of painting in a refreshing way. Dearest @rolypolyfamilysg always moves me with how they celebrate every child's movement, and that every body and movement is beautiful. Working with @mysuperfuture and the oldest group of students in Rainbow Centre, the 18yo seniors has been so rewarding; I am reminded so much of the crossroads I faced when I was graduating and the importance of inclusion. Lastly, it's so wonderful that we have met and art-jammed with many caregivers (true superheroes), led by dear @iamdanielletay. TLDR come for Peekaboo!!
Boom Bloom Pow! // How does your flower grow? 
With lots of love and fun of course!
We’ve put together a special paper bloom session filled with lots of love and fun for the young ones! They too will learn the craft process behind these flowers that never wither then construct their very own flowers to display at home, to show their love for another or to simply share the joy of flowers with others. Come craft some flowers that will pack a punch - Talk about boom bloom pow!!!
BLESSED CNY from our studio to yours! We wish you love, light, and laughter. ❤💓🐦
Please be Fab, Feb! // It's a working CNY eve made better when this little cutie appeared at the studio door and said HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can I water your plants? Yes please Ruiyang! I had placed the plants at the most sunshiney part of the studio and was waiting for the magic hour when the sunlight streams in through the windows when this cutie decided that these plants were thirsty too. Completely not ready for a shot / not what I had in mind, and it's probably too blurry, but Ruiyang completes this picture in the best way possible. May every day in February be filled with unanticipated happy surprises like today. Have a FAB FEB everyone. :)
Sweet sweet Noelle worked on this with her momma and brother to create this beeeeyoootiful piece for the Lunar New Year. Hooray for family and teamwork! :)
Juzi bag charm! // Love our super bright and cheery Juzi earrings but would love to show them off on your bag instead? We heard you! Presenting our handmade mandarin orange bag charms! If you know someone who always forgets their oranges at house visits, we are here to help with this super bright visual reminder ;) We're closing the order really soon so it's your last chance to get them! Link in bio :)
Craft jam - Flower power // Celebrating Valentine or Galentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered - Paper flowers with a dash of fancy! Learn the fundamentals of constructing your own bloom then select from a buffet of materials to make your very own flowers to take home.
The earth laughs in flowers, let’s celebrate them and all that they bring - Come craft some everlasting blooms with us! Sign up on our website -- :) #paperflowers
Cactus bag! // We’ve got you covered after you yell, “gong xi fa cai hongbao na lai!”. Keep all your hongbaos in this handy dandy cactus bag that will snugly fit all your red packets, we all know ya gotta keep that stash safe (especially because you’ve got good merch comin’ your way). * 
Inside measurements:
Height: 17cm 
Length: 7.5cm