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Award-winning BIIAB training company and licensing consultancy. Providing private 1-1 personal licence courses and full licensing consultancy services

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If any clients fancy giving me a lift back to Liverpool It would certainly beat the train! Good session in Battersea today.
Not the greatest view yesterday due to weather but back in my favourite exam location. 4 candidates yesterday at Canary Wharf.
Congrats to the guys from Coyote Ugly in Liverpool last night who all passed and received their results instantly
Was also good to meet the guys from @pilangocider in London yesterday. Even better that we got a sample!
Well done to Pandora & Vania from @purpledragonplay who both passed their BIIAB APLH course yesterday
This nice little pub in Oxfordshire was today the host for a private personal licence course (APLH) Congrats to Marie & Sophie
We are finally on Instagram! It's only taken about 5 years. Better late than never!