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Youth Group in Dixon CA for grades 9-12
Every Thursday, 6:00-8:30pm
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On Monday (Aug 19th) we will begin our 40 days and 40 nights screen free challenge.  If you missed youth group last night this is what we talked about!  If you would like to participate you need to let an adult leader know by this Sunday night that you want to take the challenge.  This will allow us to pray for you, and help you along the way.  The goals:  grow closer to God, grow closer to each other, hear the voice of God more clearly, act on that voice and move in His direction, be a better student, son, daughter, evangelist, and community member, and ultimately begin to learn a more healthy approach to digital media.  Rules:  #1 No digital screens, unless they are for school, or communicating such as an important phone call or text.  #2 You are to talk about it only with an accountability partner (however a discussion with your parents is encouraged), no boasting, and no complaining.  #3 Fill all that new found time with Godly activities. It will go from Monday Aug 19th - Friday Sept 27th which is the beginning of our first major event the 24 hour prayer!  Take today and tomorrow to pray and consider taking the challenge.  Talk to an adult leader if you accept or DM here to get plugged in with an adult leader.  Are you a parent, alumni or community member following along here?  Pray, and consider participating along with us.  Ultimately whatever you do, do unto the Lord.  For His Glory!
You don’t wanna miss it!  Announcing some new things, event dates, and changing up the night a little!  See y’all tomorrow night!
Fond memories.  Now that we have been back from camp for a bit, try to keep in touch with your team members and encourage them in the Lord!  And also... always crow.
Anyone else miss the dad jokes?
Reminder to all upper room students!  No youth group this week, and next week starts the new school year!  Stay tuned for fresh ideas, new events, and a brand new start!  Invite a friend, and keep the summer camp 🔥 burning.  Make God a priority now and all school year as well!
Hello parents!  One of our vans got a flat tire, and another van stayed back to help them.  Their loose ETA is 6pm.  The rest of us are back to church within the next half hour.  Late students: Sarah V. Tori P. Carson and Carter O.  David N. Jada T. Kira S.  Katie P. Bear B.
Making memories up here!  Yesterday we hit the beach, and our sermon topic was who is Jesus to you? #seltzie #innerstate180
Camp has been incredible so far!  All the students (and leaders ☺️) have been having a blast!! Garble has been very popular this year, as well as the rock table, and YAHTZEE!  At chapel we have learned, how there is obviously a designer because of life’s perfect design.  We know this designer to be the God of the Bible... and if He made everything, He can make the rules!  And what we know about His rules, is that He requires perfection, and even one sin is too many... but where our WAGES of sin is death, His FREE gift of salvation is readily available for any who are willing to receive it!  What a start to camp!  Thank you so much for prayers... keep them coming! 🙏
Prepare your hearts to meet with the Lord today.  Humble yourselves!!! Take on His plans for your life.  Spend time right now in prayer, and in His word.  Spend time preparing to climb the hill when the horn blows, and bring Him an offering of Praise! Thank you Lord for summer camp.  Do whatever it is You plan to do.  Help us follow in obedience. Amen.
Let the countdown begin until all is right again!  #camplife #summercamp #kazoo #innerstate180
Youth group as usual tonight 6-8:30pm, and directly after we will have a short parent info meeting for summer camp!
Here’s the Packing List, for any parents who can’t make the meeting this Thursday night!  Check in is Monday at 11:30am at Living Hope church!