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Simone shares his experience from EIT InnoEnergy MSc Energy Smart Cities to Co-founder of FlexiDAO, one of the leaders in applying blockchain in the energy sector #smartcities #innoenergy #masters #sustainable #energy #energyengineering #studyabroad
Evocative talk with Diego Pavia, CEO InnoEnergy, and Elena Bou, Innovation Director InnoEnergy during Master’s School Connect #mscconnect #innoenergy #masters #energy #energyengineering
Meet InnoEnergy alumni and entrepreneurs! They have shared their inspirational journeys with InnoEnergy first year students at our annual Master’s school CONNECT event! #innoenergymasterschool #connect #innoenergyconnect
Our entire Master’s community coming together in Stockholm #masterschoolconnect #master #energy
Join us in shaping the future of global energy ! only one week left for Round 2 applications of our Master Programmes ! Do you think you have what it takes ? Apply now via the link in the bio !
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Congratulations to Energy Efficiency Hackathon winners💪🏻🏆 #hackforsustainableenergyfuture #eehack #hackathon #energyefficiency #sustainability #innoenergymasterschool
Operation & Maintenance is fundamental to ensure maximum efficiency and to extend the life of an electrical system. However its necessity is often underestimated, especially in developing countries where installers rarely sacrifice enough time end effort to train properly the end users on how to mantain and preserve, for example, a photovoltaic system.

This is what happened in Mar Lothie, an island of in the middle of the Senegalese mangroves which hosts a peaceful community of 7000 people.

Due to lack of proper management, the batteries stopped working after only one year of operations causing the failure on the entire system, which now is abandoned, covered by dust and incapable of producing electricity.
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Our field trip is coming to an end. We managed to fulfill our task and complete also a second installation despite along the way we encountered some unexpected obstacles. Farmers often could not give us precise information which made the sizing of the systems difficult and not optimal for the locations, in addition some seemingly easy tasks, such as purchasing material, were not as smooth as expected. 
Finally, thank you to @oolu_solar for this amazing opportunity that made us learn a lot, we look forward to continue to work on this project with you! #innoenergy #sustainabledevelopment #solarwaterpump #SELECT #renewableenergy #senegal
Our IPOY journey has started!! During the first two days of the field trip, the team visited two different sites in order to take measurements, talk with farmers and understand their water needs. 
Moreover, a pilot solar water pump system was installed in a chicken farm where till now water was taken by hand from the well. 
One of the main challenges that farmers have to face nowadays is the low regeneration of water level in wells compared with the water demand. As engineers the challenge is to match the right type of pump, water recovery time and solar resources in order to be able to obtain the amount of water needed.
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In Senegal, where more than 80% of the population lives from agriculture, only 4% of the cultivated area is irrigated. Therefore crops harvest strongly depends on rainfall and during the dry season, from October to May, as consequence of the lack of water, the agricultural activity stops and food need to be imported from other countries. 
In order to better exploit the potential of the land and make the farmers have a stable production, and consequently a stable income, 10 SELECT students, for their IPOY, are collaborating with Oolu Solar, an off grid solar company based in Dakar. The aim of the project is to develop an affordable prototype of Solar Water Pump System that will allow off grid farmers to have water access through all the year. 
Stay tuned during this week to see our progress!
Last Round of applications is open! Apply now on our website before 22 April deadline! #innoenergymasterschool #sustainableenergy #masters
Apart from the school, we also investigate the solar-lamp facilities in rural kiosks and having dialogues with the society as technology users. Again, electricity plays a critical role in boosting the local economy and improving community living standard.
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