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Our mission is to Inspire you to fully connect to yourself, to push beyond your limits, and to find your strength within.

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Guess who’s back?! @bkstevens is guest teaching tomorrow!! We miss her SO and we know you do too! Pop into Ballard Saturday to say hello and give her some love 🖤
Isn't this the truth?!
Always better together ❤️
We’re celebrating couples in a different way this month. Share the workout you love with the people you love by referring a friend to Inspire 👯‍♂️ They sign up for a class, you get a drop-in class for free! 
Email or DM for details 💌
Are you ready for a more confident you?
Our most recent blog is up! We are tackling the topic of why men should love the megaformer too!

Tag your favorite guy and get them to come workout with you!
Friendly reminder of possible snow day class cancellations ❄️
Potential snow days are:
FridayPM - SaturdayAM 2/8-2/9
Monday - Tuesday 2/10-2/11

Keep an eye on the schedule. And of course you can check out our Facebook page and here on Instagram for any updates. If there are class cancellations we will text, email or call clients who are signed up. Thank you for understanding, we love  you and we want you safe! Stay warm out there!
We are here to help you achieve your goals one class at a time!
This is Devin!  He's been a lifelong athlete, playing a variety of sports growing up including soccer, surfing, skiing, and trail running. He fell in love with Lagree after discovering how the workout made him stronger in every part of his body and increased his flexibility, cardio endurance, and even his balance.  He quickly turned that love into his passion as a Lagree instructor.  During his time as an instructor, he's had the pleasure of seeing this workout change countless lives in so many positive ways.  And because of this, he believes this workout is much more than just a workout... it's about taking back control of what is truly yours - your body, your mind, and your spirit.  You can catch Devin in West Seattle on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons and in Queen Anne on Tuesday mid-mornings.
What are you doing today that will create a better tomorrow?
You are strong! You are capable! You are amazing! You can do this!
Did you know that the greater loss of fat happens AFTER the workout?

During EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) the body is restoring itself to its pre-exercise state! This means that oxygen consumption is at an elevated rate, therefore you are burning energy at an elevated rate!

Click the link in the bio to learn more!
Happy 9-years @inspirefitnessseattle 🎉 
Inspire would not be possible without your loyalty, your support, and your *UNDYING* love of  #LAGREE ❤️
Thank you!! We’re so grateful for You!
You’re our Community. Our Inspire Family.
We’re so excited for what’s ahead!! 🔥💦🙌
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