Dan Levy
泗交沛シ Thanks pals! 
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Here is the first of ten videos introducing theツ#AudienceChoiceツTop 10!

As a co-creator and writer onツ@schittscreek Creek, it's no surpriseツDan Levy got voted in. 
If Dan's your choice, be sure to VOTE HERE:  csa.votenow.tv
Fam. 笶、ク
Let's be honest - paper-thin, boring hospital gowns are terrible, especially for sick kids. That's why I am proud to be an All-Star for @starlightchildrensfoundation窶冱 Design-a-Gown contest! We're calling all kids to design the next Starlight Gown for thousands of hospitalized kids across the country. Here's #MyStarlightGown that I designed. Think David would approve. 沽 Submit yours today at www.Starlight.org!
This is a blurry picture of me dressed in a body condom running with the Olympic flame at the Vancouver Olympics! One of the most incredible days of my life. 
Best of luck to all the athletes out there who have worked their whole lives for this moment. #TeamCanada 沐・笶、ク条汳ェ沛シ
Work hard, do some good, and never let the bastards get you down. Dreams literally come true, y窶兮ll. So dream fucking big. x
Me. Being dramatic (for a change). #FBF
BIG deals.
Tuesday inspo.
Today is her birthday. Today is a special day. #Oprahhhh
When @vanityfair asks you to define 窶忱outh slang窶... You窶决e welcome. (Extended clip in bio)
Thanks for the cosmic reassurance, @trevor.ballin! 笶、ク
Oh hey. Let窶冱 burn some sage, share a glass of organic apricot wine, and read poetry to each other in foreign accents.