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I like to make things.

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Her name is Jane. Jane Doe. 🦌💞
Dearest Tokyo, 
You’re a beautiful little freak and I love you. Until next time... ✌🏼
In Schitt’s Creek, homophobia and bigotry don’t exist. I made that decision because I wanted to show the transformational effects of love - how loving openly and wholly, without fear of judgement, can let light into even the most protected of hearts. Sadly, that isn’t real life for many who still live in fear of the consequences of coming out. For those who have, happy #nationalcomingoutday, and for those who have yet to for whatever reason or circumstance, we will keep fighting for you. And we’ll be here for you if ever, whenever. x
This is a photo of me and @jessetyler looking like real gentlemen on the set of @abcmodernfam! My episode airs TONIGHT, friends! 👨‍👨‍👧💞
Just chasin’ some joy, y’know? ✌🏼⛩🍃 📷 @amyjuliasegal
Good pals.
Welcome to my home!
Art helps.
When I needed it the most.
We had fun.
New Japanese Tinder profile pic!
Basically a garden nymph at this point.