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No snow. No waves. No problem. “Sandboarding is all about freedom and having fun by expressing yourself,” says world champion sandboarder and instructor Jose Martinez (@jose_martinez_sandboard), who teaches students of all levels. “My favorite place for sandboarding is the Dragon Hill dune in Iquique, Chile, the biggest urban sand dune in the world.”⁣
Video by @sandboard_iquique
#HelloFrom Saariselkä, Finland, where the view from a glass igloo makes the sky your ceiling, giving you full access to the northern lights any time they appear. ⁣ ⁣
Photo by @alaa_oth
After being discovered on Instagram by fashion stylist and editor Katie Grand (@kegrand), Tomo Koizumi (@tomo_koizumi) — the designer of @tomokoizumi — had his first New York Fashion Week Show last season. This season he was inspired to thank the people who have helped him succeed, and gave the gift of a bold and colorful show. ⁣⁣⁣
Follow along on our story to see Tomo’s glorious garments. 🎁🔥💗
It’s a cat carousel for this week’s #WeeklyFluff. Meet Lissy and Frederic (@furryfritz), a pair of Maine coon cats who love to go for a spin.⁣⁣⁣⁣
Video by @furryfritz
Media artist Aaron Jablonski (@exitsimulation) creates hypnotizing face filters that could shift your perspective — on yourself. Some of the 24 filters Aaron has designed create carbon copies of your face, while others distort it. 🤯⁣
“We spend so much time online that it changes how we perceive ourselves,” says Aaron, who just moved to Berlin. “It’s as real as what you do in the physical world.”⁣
Follow @design to learn more about Aaron’s work, and to see more stories about design around the world.⁣
Video by @exitsimulation using the “Parabola” filter
Grab your 🏈 helmet — it’s a very NFL #GameOn with @chicagobears running back Tarik Cohen (@tarikcohen). Today, the @nfl kicks off its 💯 season, as the Bears face off against their longtime rivals the Green Bay @packers at Soldier Field in Chicago.⁣
Check out our story to play #GameOn with Tarik as he gears up for kickoff and tests our football knowledge. 🐻🌟⁣
Look closely. This is a drawing of paint, not actually paint. “This series mixes two different conversations,” says Australian artist Cj Hendry (@cj_hendry). “It mixes a Rorschach inkblot test and a children’s squish painting. I started by making thousands of squish paintings, and it took me back to my childhood. Honestly, you could not wipe the smile off my face.”⁣
Photo by @cj_hendry
The artist known as 1010, pronounced “ten ten” (@1010zzz), creates murals that are portals to another dimension.⁣
The first part of his process is location scouting, which is all about about finding the perfect vantage point. “It’s the place where everything aligns, where the perspective works best and the artwork merges with the house or wall in the background,” he says. “People don’t even need a hint to where this spot is, but usually intuitively find it.”⁣
Photo by @1010zzz
Today on IGTV, we’re behind the scenes with Post Malone (@postmalone) at the making of the music video for his newest release, “Circles.” Go on set where Post rocked a full set of armor fit for a medieval knight... and occasionally, a pair of Crocs. ⁣⁣
In the words of Post: “Let us party. Lettuce party.”
Go behind the scenes of the very medieval music video for Post Malone’s newest release, “Circles.”
“Which is real?” is the playful question posed by artist Howard Lee’s (@howard__lee) hyperrealistic illusions, where one item is a drawing and the other, the genuine object. ⁣
“In this particular video my ‘'perfect’ fried egg shrunk and hardened,” says Howard. “Although you see only a few seconds of time-lapse, the real process takes hours to perfect.” 🍳🤯🍳⁣
Video by @howard__lee
#HelloFrom the Columbia River Highway, which winds along the Oregon-Washington border. It brings you to stunning waterfalls, wonderful trails or the road back to school. 🚌🌲⁣
Photo by @bastifbr⁣