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I can‘t wait for better quality content but lately I don‘t have time for photoshoots. That will change soon, right @tattoostravelstypeone ? 😁😍
Just wanted to let you know that I‘m well & v happy atm 🥳 How are you doing? Drop me a message 💌
pretty accurate, right? 🍩
Can‘t wait to eat 346532 of my fav vegan donuts when I‘m back in Berlin by the end of the month 😋 diet never carbs forever 🙏🏻
Trying out a new spot for the #dexcomG6 👀
Hello Eversense XL! 💫
It‘s exciting to officially be a cyborg now because the sensor actually is underneath my skin! 
I like about the Eversense that I can put on a new patch for the transmitter every day and with the clear patches you can hardly see anything! The white plaster underneath is a tegaderm that I’m wearing right now because of the open wound which will heal in the next couple of days, fingers crossed! 🤞🏻 I was at a concert yesterday and I was in the middle of the crowd jumping around to the music — the best part was that I could just put the transmitter off for that time to enjoy the concert so I didn’t have to be afraid to loose it. 
#eversense #cgm #diabetes #type1 #t1d #diabetestype1 #type1diabetes
Disclaimer: free trial
Don‘t watch when you are afraid of needles and/or blood! ☠️ It‘s just an iphone video so please don‘t expect high quality but nevertheless I wanted to show you the insertion of my very first Eversense XL sensor! It‘s supposed to be under my skin for about 180 Days which equals 6 months! I‘m excited ;) #eversense #eversenseXL #cgm #type1 #diabetes #t1d #eversensediabetes
absolutely fabulous posing experts ✔️ nailed it. 
Well... 😂 Anyways I came across those pictures again and I can‘t wait to meet up with some of my diabuddies again! Already excited for the opportunities that next year has in count for me! For now I‘m excited for the T1Day in Berlin in January & visiting my fav @pepmeup.diabetesblog 😍🙏🏻 #weareepf #epf #diabetes #t1d #type1 #type1life #diabuddies
I didn‘t want to post that many selfies anymore but I can‘t help it because I love this photo of me. It just shows my mood most of the time lately: my heart is bursting with love and happiness from the inside to the outside 🥰✨ There are still things that are triggering me into a circle of depressive thoughts but that doesn‘t happen that often anymore. Everyone who read my posts closely or is familiar with my situation knows that I was struggling a lot since March this year when my grandpa who also happened to be my best friend passed away. I couldn‘t cope with the pain of loss that flooded my mind. It‘s still a physical pain when a thought of him hits me offhand but it got better. I needed some time for myself to think and remember and I got this with my 2 month of vacation from september to the end of october. I found my mindset and peace within myself again. It‘s still in progress but I‘m motivated to keep it up 🙏🏻 I have a selfie of me and my grandpa hanging in front of my desk & every day I take a look at him smiling & imagine him being proud of me & the things I accomplished & continue to accomplish. And I‘m ready for whatever life keeps on hand for me ✨
having a hard time spotting the Dexcom G6 sensor? It‘s displayed on my arm as always but this time it seems like it‘s invisible! I was always afraid of this spot bc of the possible pain but with the new inserter of the G6 I didn‘t feel anything! I still think it‘s too much plastic waste...
Girls with roboparts rule 💪🏻🤖 I get the chance to test the Dexcom G6 for 20 Days & I‘m excited! 🙌🏻 Let‘s see how it works. Do you have any questions on the G6 or ideas what I should try? Just leave me a comment or dm me 💌
I miss hiking in the Canadian Rockies already! Compared to the hikes I did in Iceland back in 2014 without a sensor/cgm it was so relaxing because I didn‘t have to watch my bg levels that much and were able to enjoy the nature more! It‘s such a time and nerve saver & I‘m forever grateful for diabetes technology. 📲
throwback to hot & sunny weather ☀️ I wish we would have this kinda temperatures all year long, even though the diabetes tanlines get annoying at some point 😁
when the good shogs make you happy 😁🦄✨