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Podie and me went to the beach today 🌊 It‘s 27°C/80°F in Northern Germany ☀️
throwback to #ATTD2018 in Vienna 😂 — I love looking at the photos and thinking of the great time I‘ve had with all my #diafriends and all the great stuff that is yet to come!♥️ So grateful for a community like this 🙏🏻
this is how my graph looks like when I‘m busy with uni, working out in the gym and eating healthy! I‘m glad I have my sensor on me because I wasn‘t even feeling the lows 😬 I need to adjust my bolus rate for busy weeks but all in all I‘m pretty satisfied! How about you?
blue for diabetes 🤓
Hello Northern German Summer 2018! 
It‘s warm for once so I’ve spent my day outside — my blood sugar was low like half of the time 🤷🏻‍♀️ It‘s just not used to the heat of the sun I guess! ☀️
Make my omnipod great again! I‘m not a huge fan of stickers for the omnipod because you can only use them once for like 3 days and then you end up with a lot of waste. So when I discovered the clip-on reusable covers for the omnipod on Etsy I thought ‚Why not give this a try?‘ The covers from @pinkerypods are 3D-printed and handmade. I‘m excited how those will work out for me! I‘ll let you know! 🙏🏻 Nope, no ad, paid it all myself and I also had to go to customs to get my shipment. One does what one can to make diabetes management prettier! 🤷🏻‍♀️
If that’s correct, press OK! 🔥Thanks to my fellow diafriend @kiarannna for the idea of changing the PDM ID of my insulin pump from my name to my motto! 🌷
too fast too furious diabetes edition 🤓
The last 12 days were pretty busy - friends of mine visited Germany for the first time and I showed them my favorite places in Northern Germany plus we‘ve been to Berlin for one day! I‘ve walked up to 20.000 steps every day and my BG loved it! I was running kinda low the first days but other than that diabetes behaved well 🤓 I‘d like to know more about my new followers! Where are you from and have you been to Germany before? 💬
I love living near by the sea - I love the salty breeze, the sound of crashing waves and even the smell of the seaside - it makes me feel calm and safe. When I‘m sad or just not feeling good it always helps to just be by the seaside 🌊 the next days it might be a little more quiet on here because I‘m not feeling my best but also because american friends of mine are here for a visit and we will be pretty busy! 🗺
today was a hard day for me, I lost someone very dear to me. But I won‘t stop smiling when I think of him, because I‘m happy to love and be loved so deeply ♥️🙏🏻 I know it‘s not something I usually talk about on social media because it‘s a really private topic - but I felt like posting it. I was so afraid of my pump or sensor beeping during the funeral but luckily it didn‘t. The last week my BGs were constantly high and I wonder if it has something to do with me grieving... Did you experience similar?
crazy to think that this amount of insulin is keeping me alive for like 3 days 🙏🏻