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✂️ handmade goodies by me @interrobangbang

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*new* limited edition spring goodies are live in the shop!🍓🌸🌹🍊
preview of three of three new vintage inspired prints coming next week!🥕🌹
preview of two of three new vintage inspired prints coming next week!🍓💕
preview of one of three new vintage inspired prints coming next week!🐰🌸
#cherubs n #chocolatebunnies are live in the shop now!🐰👼 p.s. the o-ring snaps on and off the collar, so if you’d rather wear it without it’s nbd!💕
(...continued from last post kind of) the only part of the Easter collection that didn’t have peeps were these chocolate bunny earrings. thinking I may still post them even tho that seems so lonely and sad now lol #chocolatebunny
wow! what a crazy week it’s been. for reasons I’m still unclear on, I was unable to log into this account for over a week. I’m back in now, so yay that part is good. the very sad part; however, is that I will be unable to make the previously shown Easter collection and it’s too late for me to start from scratch now. it’s totally my fault, I didn’t realize that any depiction of a marshmallow peep is considered trademark infringement, and the design I made wasn’t transformative use so I simply cannot use it. as always, I’m working on new stuff, and tomorrow I’ll be adding some cherub pieces to the shop earlier than planned. I apologize to anyone who had their hopes up about the Easter designs😕
lil sneak peek of what’s coming up for easter 🐣 🐰💕 #easter #chocolatebunny #peeps
💜🖤tonight! 8pm est!🖤💜 I hope everyone had the cutest and best Valentine’s Day yesterday! BIG thank you to everyone made an IBB accessory (or two or three) a part of your red n pink look! There’s nothing more rewarding!🥰💕❤️🌹
*THIS FRIDAY* @ 8 pm est ouija collection goes live!🖤💜
psst... acrylic magic wand necklaces are now in the shop!💙🙂
@boopsie_daisy collab live TONIGHT at 8pm EST (that’s about 2 hours from now)! XOXO💕🎀💕🎀