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Embracing Adventure. Countdown to the biggest event of the year: 4th-5th October 2019. #EmbraceTheHype

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For this weeks' Humans of IB we tracked Burgmann's Jocelyn Abbott and asked her some questions:

What's your experience with IB?
I’ve driven mock drops, run mock drops, photographed at Endpoint in 2018 and am coordinating Endpoint for Burgmann in 2019. This event is intoxicating and it’s pretty cool that so many people can be out there in the bush, getting involved, generating hype and making thing safe for the runners even if they aren’t running the actual race.

What's the most rewarding thing about volunteering for IB?
I love being in the bush, and I love being able to support my mates as they do incredible things. You kind of go on a journey with them as they move from short runs, to trainings, to mock drops, to the event itself. It’s pretty humbling to see what they can achieve in a span of six months.

What's your favourite IB memory?
One big highlight for me was a mock drop last year where we were driving from drop point to end point at midnight through a state forest, and I got to see (and try to avoid hitting) over 15 wombats that crossed the road. That being said, nothing tops Endpoint. It’s hard to beat the relief and excitement you feel when you see those four yellow shirts appear on the horizon. I cannot describe what it’s like to see your mates run into the chute at Endpoint and hug them after their final scrute. Nothing else seems to matter at that moment. 
It's the volunteers like Jocelyn from each college helping with anything from the driving in the training season to volunteering on the day who make IB so special! Jocelyn is looking forward to seeing you all at End Point! #EmbraceTheHype
What a turnout for our Women in IB Panel on Monday night!! A huge thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a success, and especially to our panellists for sharing their experiences.
Introducing the first of our Humans of Inward Bound! True to our aim of showcasing new and old faces involved in the event (and our fear that we were running out of legends who'd run a weird amount of times), this week we got talking to Hannah Maree. She's a first year at Wamburun and rumour has it is already a nav to watch 👀

What got you into IB?
I got into IB after hearing about it when I came to ANU (it's hard to not hear about it). I've always loved running but was attracted to the added challenge of not knowing where you are. Most importantly though was the team element and the idea of everyone having an essential role in the team to achieve the goal. 
How have you found the training season so far? 
So far I have really enjoyed the training, mainly because there’s great camaraderie and we have so many people participating in the runs regardless of whether they want to do IB or even just get fit. It has also been fun and challenging to start incorporating more of the navigational and scouting elements of the race into training and learning new skills. We’re lucky to have Black Mountain just across the road with so many great trails and natural features to practice with.

What are you most excited about running for Wamburun?
I’m excited to run for Wamburun because this is our first year of IB which means we get to build a really positive culture surrounding the event, something that is achieved not just by runners but the hall as a whole. Everyone at Wamburun has really been getting around IB and despite it being our first year I think we are definitely not to be underestimated.
WE’RE BACK ON INSTA FOR 2019! #EmbraceTheHype

For the following weeks leading up to Inward Bound, we will be posting a series of #HumansOfInwardBound. Similar to the Legends of IB done in the past few years, this series will feature a wide range of people involved in IB in many different ways. These posts will now be up on our insta page, so please chuck us a follow @inwardbound

The first “human” that we’d like to share with you today is the infamous Inward Bound Memes for Long Distance Teens. 
Created in the lead up to 2017’s race, Inward Bound Memes for Long Distance Teens has been catering to the unique need of IB runners to come together and laugh at their collective struggles and hang shit on other colleges. 
The meme-stermind behind the page is one of the greatest mysteries of Inward Bound, perhaps more so than the mystery of where end point will be. We probed a little further to find out who was running the page, but all we were told was that it was “Dave Baldwin’s surrogate children”… Inward Bound Memes for Long Distance Teens played a significant role in birthing the idea for the upcoming inaugural Inward Bound Trivia Night on the 30th of July, and hopefully we can all expect some quality content coming out in the lead up to Trivia. 
If you haven’t already, please give Inward Bound Memes for Long Distance Teens a like to stay updated with all the important memes for this IB season.
See you all at Orroral Valley!! #IB18
Div 1 send off!!!
Div 1 send off!!!
Get ready to make history tomorrow! #onemoresleep #IB18
Our final IB legend is the ICONIC Jackson Bursill!! Make sure you check out his interview on our Facebook page for some final advice! One more sleep until #IB18 !!!
This week's legend is none other than ex-B & G runner, last year's race director and full-time legend, Brad Vallette! Check out our Facebook post for the full interview!
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Our next legend is ursies runner Eva Krepsova! Make sure you check out her interview on our Facebook page where she talks gu, go pros, and keeping up team morale 💚💚💚