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I make big shows and small cars move. Pictured here: cats, machines, and bad ideas.


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Well, I can't put it any more clearly, sir, for it isn't clear to me.
*slaps bulkhead of the Rocinante* this good girl can fit so much fucking coffee in it #theexpanse #fitsina335xi
Try not to look at the d̵og p̴ark, and, especially, do not look for any period of time at the ho͞oḑed f͟i͘g͟u̧r̴e͢s. The dog park will n̫̪̘͚̬̳͔͞o̮͖̣̺̝̲̭t̘͎̥͘ harm you. #nightvale
*slaps roof of amphitheater* this bad boy can fit so many fucking fire ants in it
#wampadampa #headlightsgoupheadlightsgodown
Hey check out my new automation console
"Far Harbor had cast them out. They have strange beliefs, but they have always accepted us for what we are."
There's always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city.
Any game's good in overtime.