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Many fans report this account to me via direct message, so i left comment last night. But now she deleted all comment and change her account to private account. So i write this on my public account.
1. Do not mention me anymore. I have never been to EXO's private place before. Do not call me a 'sasaeng' anymore.
2. I know that you always pretend that you can follow EXO, but your posts and pictures are fake, aren’t they? Do not steal another fan’s photos. And do not let your actions affect EXO negatively.

3. Your uploaded selfies are all fake. Please stop using another person’s selfie and saying it is you. Do not pretend those selfies are your real selfies. I think you are being a megalomaniac.
DO NOT SCAM EXO-L anymore.
나 건드리는 건 참아도 엑소 건드리는 건 못 참아
요즘 날씨 넘 최고☀️☁️