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So many #WorldClash2017 patrons bought merchandise on Saturday for themselves and their bredrins who weren’t able to inside Empire Banquet Hall.
In comes the wild card entrant #PoisonDart who gave a couple sound men nuff stress they never saw the power of the Antiguan sound coming at #WorldClash2017
Marcus of @platinumkids the #USRumble champions repped hard as many travelled across the North American border in their support at #WorldClash2017
#UKRumble Champion @platinum_cartel reppin for the British sound system massive at #WorldClash2017
Deep in conversation @johnny_bodyguard at the early controls inside #WorldClash2017
Nuh smiling at #WorldClash2017 from the hardest working sound clash promoter in the last 20 years Garfield #Chin Bourne 👊🏽
Brilliant performance by #JapanRumble champions @fujiyamasound at #WorldClash2017
Yes I so many people were in Empire Banquet Hall in Toronto and thousands more watched on the PPV & now additional multitudes already tek een the audio on sound cloud, give thanks to all🏆
We thank you for all your messages of congratulations concerning #WorldClash2017 and our company’s overall 20 years of work in uplifting #soundsystemculture!!
‪#WorldClash Dubplate Awards is next on our calendar‬ voting opens soon on
‪Canadian sound system massive stands proud following @kingturbosound @kingofturbo win at #WorldClash last Saturday 🏆 #soundclash #IrishandChin‬
Happy #SoundChatRadio Monday don’t miss tonight’s show the good• the bad• & the ugly• we will review all that took place on the weekend at #WorldClash2017 🏆