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Wife, Mom to 4 boys, knitter, blogger, newbie sewist.
Grey hair journey - Last dye January 26, 2019
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Slow morning - a little bit of reading, knitting and coffee with my buddy and a chorus of chirping birds.
Pray for us!!!! I’m closing my eyes in the back seat!! OMG!
As my grey (white) hair has grown out I get compliments on my hair all the time now. People think I’ve dyed it this way and are shocked to hear its my natural color. These pictures are all from today and how different my hair looks with different styles. The first one was this morning at the office, second is when I got home and pulled it up and third is when I took it all down. 👵🏽
15 weeks, 3 days or 3 months and 18 days since my last dye.
Coffee smells like magic and fairytales
3 months, 1 week, 1 & 2 day dye free!
I find myself wearing brighter lipsticks and I love them!
Festival Season! Apex Peakfest. More in stories!
Trying to eat healthier for hubby and I and it’s been a struggle! Anyone who knows me know I love to bake! Found these low carb blueberry muffins and they are pretty good! Keto approved, paleo, and gluten free. Not as good as my other ones but we can do this!
Went to India’s concert last night and she is beyond awesome! I loved her before the concert but more after! She is beauty and light! She has been on repeat all day today!
Girls Night Out!!! India Arie concert tonight!
“Mom, do the woah dance with me.”
I had no clue what the woah dance was. Quick lesson on the bridge.
Prom 2019! You couldn’t tell him nothing!
Prom 2019! Elijah has prom tonight and he decided to go solo. Fonzy and I took him out to take pictures. Fonzy was helping him pose and fixing his clothes while I ran back and forth across the street on a bridge to get the perfect shots. A couple came up to us and asked Elijah if he was famous or internet famous because we were doing all that work for his pictures. You couldn’t tell him nothing! Once I get home I’ll share some of the pictures. For now here’s our selfies!