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After a loooooong week of staring at the computer day in and day out, it felt like this week would never end and I’d be tied to the computer forever 😩... Yesterday we woke up early and Ajay decided to break the never ending cycle of taxes, receipts, invoices and bank statements and took me to the beach! We had lunch out, walked around the markets and generally enjoyed this beautiful weather we’ve been having lately. Feeling grateful that he saw I needed and forced me out of the house (I was telling myself I needed to keep working). Feeling fresh and ready to start the week! 
P.S. No filter on this pic! The water really is that blue! 😍💙
Happy Saturday everyone!! Just to let you know that we haven’t forgotten to draw the winner of the $200 voucher 😊 We had A LOT of surveys completed (thank you!!) so it will take us some time to get all your names in a bowl in order to randomly choose a winner 😄 Expect to hear from us early in the week! Good luck everyone who completed the survey!
Jenna from stockist @sondernwonder rocking our Anandi Midi and looking totally heavenly! How gorgeous does that colour look on her?!? 😍Our Anandi Midi has a super stretchy  upper (all shirred), adjustable straps and the most beautiful tassel and border feature 🌸 Will fit size 8-16 😀
Utter perfection 👌🏼💜💕
Some Thursday night pretties from one of my favourite artists 💞💞💞💞💞
We LOVE it when you send in your customer pics of you wearing our dresses! It makes our day seeing where our dresses end up and how beautiful they look on you 😍 Thanks so much to the radiant @pureblissyogi Lina who has been a big supporter of Ishani over the years 🙏🏽 Thank you Lina!!!! 😀🌸🌈 Lina wears our Nisha Dress in Peach Lily that is currently on sale for a crazy $55! 😱
Our super fun buntings are a great way to jazz up any room, entrance, verandah, the list goes on! Each piece is unique, no two exactly the same 👌🏼
Boy-oh-boy is it hot today in Brisbane! ☀️🌴😅 We are dreaming of swims and icey cold fruit drinks🍹🍊 Instead we are packing orders, invoicing, doing taxes and all that other small biz stuff 😝 At least the Ida midi is helping me stay cool while the afternoon heat builds 👌🏼
Good morning beauties! May you all have a wonderful Monday 🌸🌿🌈
Beautiful florals by @jannelford
My favourite door at the City Palace in Jaipur ✨ Goddess Lakshmi sitting pretty amongst the lotus flowers 🙏🏽🌷
Cecilia from rocking our Jaya Jumpsuit like the divine creature that she is! Look at how STUNNING this vintage beauty is 😍👏🏼💞🌿🧡
Yesterday I went through my SD card with all the pics I took in India earlier this year. I found this one taken while we were sampling the border prints for this year’s ‘Dreamweaver’ collection 🌿Did you know that our printers are SO incredible that the wet dye they use to print with is a completely different colour to the desired end result??? For example, here you see orange and burgundy being printed but the desired colours might be blue and green. Once printing is completed they will wash the fabric and as soon as the fabric touches water a chemical reaction happens (we call it “the magic”✨😉) and instantly the colours change from orange and burgundy to completely different colours like blue and green! Can you imagine the SKILL and imagination it takes to firstly MIX the dyes, then print with up to 12 different colours that aren’t even the colours you actually want?? Crazy and totally amazing 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Are you hitting the beach or market this weekend? Why not grab yourself a beautiful hand block printed tote bag? We make these gorgeous bags from our small remnants left over from making our dresses ☺️ We hate to waste ANY of our fabrics that have been painstakingly printed by hand 🤲🏼