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Pass the carbs.

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Would be cute if she weren’t just rubbing it in that she can sleep on her back. Bitchhh.
Bumping through Rome for #RomeInLove what seems like two years ago where they’d serve me a goblet of wine but not a raw vegetable because they were worried it wasn’t washed thoroughly enough for a pregnant woman. So I improvised in my hotel bathroom. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #TBT
I leaned too far back and can’t get up so now I’ve opened and closed @taskrabbit four times to maybe have someone come make the two boxes of whole grain (shut up it makes me feel healthy) @kraft_macandcheese on my counter. Judge away.
Do these glasses make my feet look swollen? Eye don’t want to make a spectacle of myself.
20 minutes after crying to my husband that I don’t understand how have I gained 60+lbs so far.
Dreaming of the @nockingpoint wine behind us while my spawnmate goes in for the old creepy sleepy nap snap.
As uncomfortable as this looks I’m so jealous she can lay on her stomach.
I feel like I’ve been pregnant for three years. For those in the back - yes there is only one in there and no I’m not due any day now. Jumping on the bandwagon and making this a #sharestrong post bc the thought of meeting the little (huge) critter makes all of this worth it. Until then @robbieamell grab some @joespizzala & @saltandstraw pretty please.
That time I was in @mensfitnessmagazine but didn’t tell anyone because I was uncomfortable with the photo and was too self-conscious about my body to promote it. WHAT WAS I THINKING. Had to go and get knocked up to appreciate what I had. Damn. Don’t wait until you look at a photo from years ago and shake your head thinking “Why didn’t I realize how good I looked?”, you look good NOW. Enjoy it. 👊🏻 #TBT
Man crush Monday. Literally. He’s crushing my bladder.
Nominated myself for the ice bucket challenge to end cankles. Swollen fingers crossed.
Bachelorette babes in town to celebrate my soon to be seeeeeester. ♥️ #handsabthemike #riccingforthering #cairobyero