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@saveachildsheart got our care packages! Look at this little cutie saying thank you 💕
#70years 🎉
Interested in Israel? We are looking for new board members to help plan events for the upcoming academic school year! No experience needed, just a passion for Israel! Link in bio!
Ithaca College Junior Molly North’s Healing Ink:

I got this tattoo based on a twenty one pilot lyric from a song called Truce. The meaning I took from the song was a person struggling with their life and wanting nothing more than to end it but they call a “truce” with the people in their lives and take things day by day for the sake of the people you care about. This quote is in my grandma’s handwriting because she’s one of the people that keep me going.

You can see Israel’s “Healing Ink” on April 5th at 7pm in Textor 101!

Sneak peak 😉
Ithaca College Senior Christina DiLuzio’s Healing Ink:

This was my first tattoo. I got it when I was 16. The semicolon represents a sentence an author could've ended but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life. Mental health was never something really discussed in my family, so my anxiety and depression weren't something I really talked about. Getting this tattoo was a was for me to symbolize that I couldn't give up no matter how hard I wanted to.

You can see Israel’s “Healing Ink” on April 5th at 7pm in Textor 101!

Healing Ink is back by popular demand! Don’t miss out on this amazing film.
Thank you to everyone who came to our event last week!
Meet the Children of Save A Child’s Heart ❤️ Nghi, Vietnam
In January of 2000 Nghi was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with a congenital heart defect. Doctors told her parents that her condition was untreatable, but Nghi’s parents were determined
to see whether there was any way to their daughter be saved. The scoured the internet looking for help anywhere in the world, and thankfully found SACH. At one year old, Nghi traveled with her mother to Israel for a series of complicated procedures including two catheterizations and two surgeries. After spending eight months in Israel, she returned to Vietnam a healthy baby. Five years later she visited Israel once more for another catheterization. A girl who doctors predicted would not survive, Nghi is a healthy, strong, and happy girl. Now, aged fifteen, Nghi is starting high school, loves playing with friends, painting, and playing piano.
Meet the children of Save A Child’s Heart ❤️ David, Romania
Seven year old David was screened at a medical mission in Romania in March 2015, his heart condition meant he rarely attended school, he tired easily, and was unable to do any physical activity. Doctors at the mission were concerned about David, he
needed to receive urgent medical treatment. SACH arranged for David to fly to Israel a few days later, where he underwent life-saving catheterization at the Wolfson Medical Center. After a short recuperation David returned home to Romania to run and play like other child his age.
Meet the Kids of Save a Child’s Heart Heart ❤️ Wisam, Iraq
Wisam was born in 2013 and when he was 17months olds old his father left his job and family in Northern Iraq to bring Wisam to Israel for life-saving heart surgery. The pair were in Israel during the height of the violent summer conflict but it didn’t frighten Wissam’s father, Abu
Wisam, who is sadly accustomed to violence and war. Suddenly back in Iraq though, the family’s situation changed drastically, they are a Yazidi family whose home town Sinjar was captured by Islamic State Militants. At times Wisam's father was unable to reach his family and he found through international media he was able to share the plight of the Yazidis in Northern Iraq with the world.