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Writer, editor, nature photographer 🍃 Social Editor: @weatherchannel & @crazimals, Senior Editor: @adventurecatsorg 😸 EAV//ATL

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He may be a tiny speck in this photo (let's play Where's John? 😆) but he is a huuuge part of my life! And he's celebrating 29 years on Earth today! Happy birthday @johnnn.mitchell 💕
That feeling when your owl photography dreams come true. Literal dreams. I have had recurring dreams about photographing owls for years, and I finally had the honor to snap some images of this beautiful great horned owl, plus a couple of adorable screech owls, barred owls and barn owls while volunteering at @awarewildlife. Such an amazing experience I'm so so grateful for. More pics to come! 💕
This is Cricket. She is the most precious lil screech owl I've ever seen 😻😻😻
The sun finally came out!
Vibrant and delicious sriracha coconut shrimp via @garnishandgather tonight! #garnishandgather
Yummy summer treat at @morellisatl 💕 with @laurajmoss and @codywellons and not John because he's an ice cream h8r 🙄
Pork Mac n cheese fritters at Twain's! 😱 holy moly
A very funny and engaging production of Robin Hood this afternoon at @serenbeplayhouse!
This is Gazer. She and I are going to be best friends, she just might not know it yet. Met this beauty today during my first meeting with @awarewildlife, where I'm excited to say I'm going to be volunteering my photo/video/social media skills! And also fulfilling my dream of being around owls. Gazer looks up like this all the time, it's how she got her name. Always gazing up at the stars ✨
Doing what I love most! 📷: @magsspeaks
I'm trying to make a point of posting more of my non-iPhone photography here 📷 Snapped this one on a camping trip in Albany, GA. It was the first thing I saw after I unzipped my side of the tent 👀 Can't wait for cooler weather and more camping trips to come!
So this is how you call goats 😹