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Clouds are pretty
They look more like twins👧🏽👧🏽
Life keeps going.
Hi! My name is Dee and I support #YouthHouseOfFauna. Youth House of Fauna is a youth organization that aims to raise public awareness about Indonesia’s exclusive wildlife. Come join us in preserving Indonesia's majestic and exclusive wildlife✨
@youthhousefauna @komodomojoproject @javanrhinoparade
Join the campaign!
1. Go to this link https://ibb.co/bTdUY6 or click the link on our bio to download the image 
2. Save the image 
Download the app Picsart in the App Store or Google Play
3. Go to the app & click “edit” 
4. Select the picture you want to use 
5. Click “tools” 
6. Select “crop” and choose size 1:1 
7. Select “add photo” then add the Youth House of Fauna frame 
8. Adjust the frame, save the picture
9. Tag @youthhousefauna and use the hashtag #IamYouth and #YouthHouseOfFauna for a chance to be featured!
Today feat. Andy Warhol Pin & Pom Pom Earrings
Star Wars Fam
Pretty sights