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carpeing my diums ♞🌍❤️ #LifeSentence


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⛰️🏙️ Prospect Point
adventure bag, adventure hat, adventure time 🌲
🍜 life
So excited to start this new chapter with my new brill friend @lucyhale and the rest of my new favourite @cw_lifesentence fam - @jayson_blair @brookielyons @therealcarlospena @richkeith @theerincardillo @cw_writers4life and D&G! #LifeSentence DAY 1!!! 🔗🎥
beautiful day with new fam in the new city 💛🍁
we in town 🏠 @cw_lifesentence #vancouver
LA > VANCOUVER 🍁🚙 #roadtrip #newhome
After 8 weeks of travelling to new parts of the world, I'm finally back from the best trip I've ever had. I've learned so much more about the world, my bubble, love, value and happiness. I've met families whose lives we've helped to change but who changed ours even more. I've met children who will grow to be the next generation of leaders in their homes and villages. I've been so inspired by the immense love and hard work demonstrated by people who have nothing in their hands but have everything in their hearts. They've given me new friends and family, great new experiences and a whole new way of seeing the world, myself and my part in it. Thank you to all the wonderful people I met over the last 2 months, for sharing your lives with me, for showing me light, and ultimately for being beautiful humans that have helped me to find a piece of myself. I love you all. And I can't wait to share my journey with all of you ❤️🌎
@habitatforhumanity @projectsabroadglobal
Happy Pride Month

I wish I was around to post more this month because this is a very special and important cause for me and so many other people. And not just for some, but for all of us.

To live is amazing. To love is amazing. Whoever you are and whoever it's for; another or yourself - all that matters is that you DO. 
Love isn't magic because it's meant to make a random few of us happy. It's magic because it's for all of us: it fits any shape and any size; every colour and every gender and identity. In ANY and EVERY way; love is ALWAYS magic. And if it's in you, then you are magic too. So don't ever carry shame for loving; you should only carry it for not.

Have pride in yourself. Have pride in love. Have pride in life.

Have pride that YOU DO. I'm right there with you x ❤️💛💚💙💜
So gang, I'll be out for the next 6 weeks. Getting to see some more of our beautiful world and work with a couple great organisations -@habitatforhumanity and @projectsabroadglobal 🌎
I'm about to take off and really looking forward to this new experience. There's so much wonderful world out there to explore and so many parts of ourselves hidden around it waiting to be discovered. I won't be posting while I'm away so I can be truly present in this adventure, something I want to try and do more and more and think we all should. If you want to please go and check out these two charitable causes and find out more about what they do. Looking forward to sharing with you all afterwards

Big love 🌎 El x