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✨ 18 // irish // NUIM // harry potter and music is my life ✨

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this gal has just completed her first week at uni and is buzzing to (finally) meet @jonathanjoly and @annasaccone in dublin in november ❤️
today marks the beginning of a brand new chapter. see you in a few hours, maynooth 👋🏻😬🤞🏻
✨ uni goodbye letters 3/3 ✨

ciara: my fave lil gryffindor. i don't think i'll ever come across anyone more passionate about harry potter (and draco) than you! you're wonderfully smart, incredibly beautiful (and photogenic dammit) and you're *literally* the definition of a ray of sunshine. i'm gonna miss your dorky laugh and your positivity and your kind spirit! good luck with your gap year, and i know you're gonna shine no matter what you end up doing. love you bantersaurus rex 💕✨
✨ uni goodbye letters 2/3 ✨

roisin: my hufflepuff twin and my music buddy. you're without a doubt the most talented person i've ever met, and it lowkey pisses me off that you *still* don't know it. you're the funniest person i know - if i had a euro for every time you've made me laugh then i'd be rich as hell! i'm gonna miss your humour and our lil music sessions and your kind soul overall. good luck with this year and i can't wait to see you slay those exams! i'll miss you lots ✨💕
✨ uni goodbye letters 1/3 ✨ 🌺 (totally stealing this idea from @caoimhelyon.s but that's ok) 🌺

caoimhe: my favourite slytherin. even though maynooth is a huge campus, i still don't think i'll find someone who loves making friends references with me just as much as you do. seriously though, you're one of the most wonderful people i've ever met. you're always there when i need you, you know more about me than anyone else, and i can't believe i'm not gonna see you every day. whether it's a snapchat or a three hour facetime, i promise to stay in touch and keep up our (now over) 100 day snapstreak!!!! i love you lil bab and i'll miss you tons ✨💕🚲
the three amigos and their three scoops of ice cream 🍦
when your shirt kinda looks like a pyjama shirt but you wear it anyway
genuinely don't know what i'd do without these lads, i couldn't ask for a better group of friends 💕🎉
great night with great people ❤️🎉✨🎓
absolutely buzzing with my offer from maynooth university 😌🎉
crazy to think that this was a year ago today! so excited to do it all again on wednesday 🎉✨🎓
had a fab time last night celebrating results with this lot ❤️🎉