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still in shock that this happened! thank you @annasaccone and @jonathanjoly for being so lovely, meeting you was an absolute dream come true 🙈❤️✨
it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas ✨🎄⛄️
nothing is nicer than catching up with your best friends over starbucks ☕️
this tree is completely irrelevant to my excitement over stranger things 2 being released tomorrow 🎃🍃
living that aesthetically pleasing uni life ✨☕️
throwback to when i actually had a tan 🤷🏼‍♀️
a month since my arrival and i'm still discovering beautiful spots on this campus ✨🌿🍃
can halloween just hurry up please 🎃
this gal has just completed her first week at uni and is buzzing to (finally) meet @jonathanjoly and @annasaccone in dublin in november ❤️
today marks the beginning of a brand new chapter. see you in a few hours, maynooth 👋🏻😬🤞🏻
✨ uni goodbye letters 3/3 ✨

ciara: my fave lil gryffindor. i don't think i'll ever come across anyone more passionate about harry potter (and draco) than you! you're wonderfully smart, incredibly beautiful (and photogenic dammit) and you're *literally* the definition of a ray of sunshine. i'm gonna miss your dorky laugh and your positivity and your kind spirit! good luck with your gap year, and i know you're gonna shine no matter what you end up doing. love you bantersaurus rex 💕✨