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Illustration, Spain ~ Barcelona🏝
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right???🐰 #usagi
the softest tommy boy #wip {{edit: it’s park chanyeol pcy real__pcy the nation’s boyfriend the ultimate tommy boy}}
🌸ART SUMMARY OF 2017🌸 all my ladieeeeeeees (and chanyeol lol) I feel like I’ve improved a bit around the end of the year and I’ve been trying to get out of my confort zone little by little, I’m so happy I get to share all of my art with you guys, all the feedback and comments you guys leave mean a lot to me🤧💛 and I truly mean it! Even though I can’t reply to all of them I sure do read them all, so thank you so so much for motivating me to become a better artist and thank u all for being the sweetest and kindest people💖 can’t wait to share more of my art with u guys on 2018!😘
Stress relief doodles😪
🖤 stay with me 🖤
rough doodles of a soft bun
WE GOT THAT💪🏼 #wip 👀 who’s your favorite?
Too lazy to clean it up right now so here’s the rough sketch of this flower boy❄️
Your girl is baaaaaack🌸 Seoul has been so much fun I already miss everyone so much and I can’t wait to come back again soon I’m so sad😭💛 thank you guys for making this trip one of the bests in my life @diouniana @juditmallolart @peachsooda @tbrookerart @nami_kimm @mmariacato 💖💖💖 now it’s time to get back to work!!! Work meetings and projects here I come!!!! 😤
HIIII~ Tomorrow I’m flying to Seoul again omg I’M SO EXCITED AHHHH I’ll also be attending the Elyxion and I HONESTLY CANT WAIT 😭💛 Since my mobile tablet stopped working I’ll only be able to take my sketchbook with me ;;; so hopefully I’ll be able to sketch traditionally a little bit😌💌 my friends living there told me that it’s hella cold rn I can’t wait to turn into a human ice cube☃️❄️ ps. I’ll most likely update on my personal instagram with some insta stories and stuff, so follow me there if you’d like to keep up with my trip!💛 @laiapcy
Voy a hacer una workshop de Ilustración en Sevilla!😱 Los días 2,3 y 4 de Febrero en La Galería Roja🔺
Para más información sobre la workshop y reservas podéis mandar un correo a 👀✨ •
ENG: I’ll be doing an illustration workshop in Seville during the 2, 3 and 4th of February~ 🤩 if you guys want to know more info send an email to 😌💛 I’M SO EXCITED AAAAAH I’ve never done a workshop before omg it’s going to be so much fun I hope to see some of you there👀
So i did a print test of tarot sized cards of my chibis and they turned out so nice😭💛 the quality is REALLY good and the colors look so nice I’M SO HAPPY I can’t wait to make some more and maybe put them on tictail in a future🤧