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Illustration, Spain/Barcelona🏝
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drawing chibis during break time cause they make me happy🌸
MYSTICAL 2 está a punto de llegaaaaar👀 a mí me llegó mi cajita ayer con los ejemplares y ha quedado precioso😭💘 que ganas de que llegue el día 21 para que salga y lo leáis todos y os muráis como hice yo en su momento😌 gracias por tanto @martitara ✨además, el sábado 24 de este mes Marta y yo estaremos en la FNAC de Callao en MADRID a las 18:00h presentando y firmando👀👌🏼 así que si podéis venir a vernos seremos las más felices!😌 Y EL 12 DE ABRIL EN VALENCIA!!!! en la librería Soriano a las 19:00h apuntadlo en la agenda🕊
HELLOOOOO my good friend @bullybiscuit is holding a giveaway of some of my stuff! Here’s how to enter: - ✧ ITSLOPEZ's store merch giveaway ✧ - Prize: Box of merch of your artist/group of choice from itslopez store!
- Worldwide
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GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I hope I’ll be able to do more giveaways soon💘😌✨
so I’ve been a bit MIA these past few days because I was preparing everything and getting all my stuff ready for my first con ever!!!🤩 IT WAS SO MUCH FUN BUT HELLA EXHAUSTING ASWELL, by the last day my soul was leaving my body and ascending to the atmosphere rip but I got to meet a lot of incredible artists and got to buy them lots of stuff and do some art trades😭💘 ALSO IT WAS SO SO NICE to see and talk to all the people who came to see me at our table, all of u who had been following me and supporting 😭 it was so nice to talk to all of you, yoU ALL WERE SO KIND AND SWEET MY HEART WAS ABOUT TO BURST FROM HAPPINESS AND LOVE OVERLOAD I’M- I’s love love love to repeat that experience again! hopefully maybe go to an international convention soon too?👀 WHO KNOWS AAAAAAAAA ID LOVE TO MEET ALL OF YOU 💌
‪❤️💜💙odd eye circle❤️💜💙 #LOONA ‬
preparing merch for the Japan Weekend in Barcelona, who wants sommmmmmme💌✨
work in progress and a lil sneak peak of something I’m working on👀✨🌿🕊
Pues estaremos @juditmallolart y yo en la Japan Weekend de Barcelona este finde! (tendremos prints y merch!) pasad a saludarnooooos!👀❣️
small and angry
#wip 🐠
omg they look so small like this but it’s the only way to show you all how they turned out in just one image shgsjfjf I’m so happy I feel like this time I captured their features accurately🤧