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Illustration, Barcelona🏝
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I've been wanting to make fanart of this ever since pcy posted the pics so here's a sketch kind of thing👀
*draws exo as an excuse to warm up* 🌿🌷🌻
shimmy shimmy kokobyun🌿🌹
lately I can't manage to finish any of my drawings so here's another sketchy one of a handsome young man #wegoingkokobop
very sketchy drawing but oh honeyyyyyy you're slaying @laurenjauregui 🌹
quick doodle of myself bc I really like this koko shirt🌿
Warm up before getting back to work💄💋 ps. This is my sister she told me to mention it bc she loves it lol
So so happy I managed to get these two beautiful artbooks and got to meet you both~ @miacat0 @mingee_lee 💛 I admire all of your work so much!😭🙏🏼 #comicconseoul2017
Inspired after seeing so many great art at #comicconseoul2017 🌿
WOOOO so excited we are at #comicconseoul2017 ✨
Didn't have a chance to share it last week but!!!! The last Mystical girl was revealed❣️ ERIN❣️ @martitara just revealed on twitter a bit about the powers of each btw~👀 #hypehypehype✨ #MiércolesMystical
Finally got some time to doodle🍧