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Illustration, Spain/Barcelona
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kids🏐 #haikyuu #oikawatooru #iwaizumihajime
I was wondering how Elsa would look like if she let her hair down...❄️
Elsa’s braid is really iconic but the hairstyle she had as a queen... it’s superior❄️
found this really cute pose in The Little Mermaid’s concept art and I tried to recreate it in my style🐚
it’s been so long since the last time I sketched something traditionally I thought I had forgotten how to art🤧 hope u guys like this warm up sketch I did of Ariel❤️
‪“Una Puerta que permanece cerrada gracias a las cinco gemas primordiales, que contienen el poder de los planos que dominan el universo...”‬ //// ‪“A Door remains closed thanks to the five primordial gems, which contain the powers of the five planes that rule the universe...” #Mysticart‬
⚡️🔮⚡️ #Mystical3
excuse my silly face and the low quality of this pic bUTTTT LOOOOOOK AT MY CHILDDDDD 😭✨💙 #Gleaming 
Edit: it comes out on October 31st!⚡️
Fantasy, Royalty Witches... some of you got that right!👀✨ Here’s a couple pictures from my artbook #Gleaming!✨☁️ which as u know it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon! (link in bio!) AND!!! I asked about the order availability for Amazon.COM and they told me it usually takes a bit longer to appear listed on the international page (aparently it will be listed around mid October or so) but!!! it will definitely be available worldwide🌻 AHHHH I hope I can share some more pics from inside soon👀 any other guesses about what else might be in it?
#Gleaming chibi😌✨☁️🚀🛸👽 aHHHHHH I’m hoping we can fix the Amazon international preorder thing so Gleaming is soon available for the rest of all of you!☁️ should I post some pictures from the inside of the book? what are you guys expecting to see in it?👀
took a small break from work to draw Chuuves✨🍏🍎✨
GUYSSS GUESSSSSSS WHAT! #Gleaming is finally available for preorder on Amazon😍✨⚡️☄️💥 The link is in my bio! I’ll be dropping some inside pictures of the artbook soon aswell👀 keep an eye on my posts uhuhuh

EDIT: I see some of you can’t find the listing of the artbook on amazon .com so I’ll ask about it and will let u guys know what’s up with it uwu