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Last month I went back to HK with my mom for her birthday. Our first out of the country trip with us only (w/o the 2 sibs)
Vlogged the whole trip and excited to share it with you guys!
So happy to be travelling with you mom! Here’s to making good memories with you. ❤️ you
Blending in
Note to self, Always
HK day 1 itinerary consists of:
• Visiting St. Andrew’s Church
• Having an afforadable beef lunch at Kai Kee Noodles in TST (just a few mins away from where we stayed)
• Afternoon tea at Lok Cha Tea House
• Exploring MongKok and and Temple Street Night Market
On a hunt for some beef noodles and dimsum. En route to Temple Street Night Market
Current favorite bling I always want to wear. The only necklace I bought when I went to HK.
I have been to HK before but seems like it’s my first time there. Happy to have explored new places and visited a few I’ve been to before just like this clock tower In Tsim Sha Tsui.
It’s been a week since our HK trip and now we’re ready to work and hustle again 💻
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On my rest days, you can either find me out of the house and when Im too lazy to go out, I spend the day curled up in my bed, reading a book, watching a korean drama, or a netflix show while sipping my favorite Cacao Bliss from @iriseorganics
How do you spend yours?
Let things go and accept what is.
I seriously don’t have time for negativities, harboring hate, and tolerating toxic people. If something or someone weighs me down or just too toxic to handle, I let go. There’s so much better things to put my energy into than for something or someone that’s irrelevant.
Becoming more mindful whenever I go shopping is one of the best things I have started at the last quarter of 2018. I love to purchase items I can mix and match like this pants from uniqlo which is so comfortable to wear. I can pair it with almost anything; tank top, sweater, oversized tee etc. 
I kind of love this approach as I do not always end up “not having anything to wear” in a sea of clothes.
10 years. 1 decade. It’s been 10 years since I graduated from college and I still can’t believe it’s been so long! From graduating from a pre-med course, to landing my first job which isn’t related to my course, to finally getting a job at a manufacturing company away from home, to getting out of a toxic environment and toxic people, to trying out new things beyond my comfort zone, to enrolling in a fashion styling course, to meeting strangers who became family, to being a freelancer, to be able to travel, buy a house before turning 30, to starting new adventures. 
10 years have passed and so many things have changed. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful and heartbreaking experiences. Here’s to another amazing 10 years starting this year.