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#RoomieGoals -- my constants, my girls, my loves 💖 #Sablay2017
Appreciation post for my grandmother who travelled all the way from Bicol just to witness my graduation ceremony. Thank you Lola Nanay, love u ✨✨ #Sablay2017
A huge thanks to my ever supportive family. Will always be grateful. I love you! 💓 #Sablay2017
Thank you, UP 🌻🎓 #Sablay2017
Thank you, UP 🌻🎓 #Sablay2017
Thank you, UP 🌻🎓 #Sablay2017
Today's the day 🎓✨ #Sablay2017
To the man who makes sure that we have everything we need (or more), the man who gives us love and warmth, the man who provides for his family and assures that we live a life we love. My life coach and mentor, my number one supporter, my wacky selfies buddy, my all time photobomber -- the greatest dad of all time. Happy happy father's day daddy! I love you ✨
Also wondering where i'm looking 🤔
Get lost, then find your way back 🍃
Third-wheeler award goes to me ✨
Surround yourself with piner things in life 😎