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Summer is happening and it’s really cute. Did you catch my get ready with me in my stories? Did I pick the right outfit? Head there to see the other options and leave a comment to let me know which you like best 🤞🏾 @torridfashion #torridpartner #andigetdressed #psootd #summerstyle
Manifesting a Saved by the Bell reboot. Details on this look in today’s video, live later today. Subscribe so you don’t miss it 💕 @youtube // AND I GET DRESSED
When you pick your lippie before you pick your outfit. My new fav gloss💦
Working on my album.
Summer has arrived 🤟🏾 @gabifresh suit jacket glow by Jesus💫 📷 @ju_wels
Felt cute, might archive later. #todayiwore #asseenonme #andigetdressed #psootd
Expression of self love doesn’t mean there’s no journey. Doesn’t mean you’re “happy” with yourself at every moment. Doesn’t mean you don’t actively work on or seek to improve your habits, crutches or strength. It also doesn’t mean that you want to be anything other than who you are. For me self love is about seeing my value and beauty through it all. #selflove #everyday #bodypositive #andigetdressed
Category: Adult Regression 🙃 anyone else living for their 6th grade dance outfits thriving again?
The wet look 💦 Full video on my channel, linked in my bio 👍🏾 #andigetdressed #wetlook #naturalhairstyles #curlyhairstyles  #naturalhairdaily
Crappy lighting, really cute dress. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves for the “perfect” photo. I’m on a gorgeous beach, looking like a bb angel, with friends and having a beautiful time but I can still knit pick this photo because the light isn’t exactly right. I’m posting it anyway because it was a great day in a dress I love and I want to be a little less critical of my work. Ever feel that way?
Renaissance thot 💕 get into it. ————————————————
One of my fav things happening in fashion is this wierd mash up of Post Renaissance or Victorian wide set necklines, Girl w a pearl vibe accessories with a heavy dash of hip hop (black) culture. Sweet & Spicy 👌🏾
@nicolettemason “Where are we?”
Me: “How are YOU!!?” Everyone: 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️