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frisky friday?
thinking thursday #digicon2017 .
“transformation comes from within. it is a culture issue. digital is not just a platform, it is a mindset.”
takaw tuesday 🌮
all the nights spent off our faces
tryna find these perfect places #kingpigeon
what the f- are perfect places anyway
semi-kidding & semi-desperate for points for #evolveyogachallenge: #airplanepose for my yoginame mabuhaymiles, blurry like PAL's definition of time
semi-sweet & semi-salty, winner combo
semi-twinning & semi-candid, what friends are for
"sometimes, nothing is the hardest to do" - tyrion
"sometimes, eating almost nothing is the hardest to do" - miles #feedme
peace out, summer. grew impatient, hungry (and overate) and grew in many more ways. officially need to try to blend in with the grown ups now #embauchée