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with yoga, you slowly learn to make the most out of everything. so when life gives you lemons, you eventually end up hoping they’re lulu 😏
happy #internationalyogaday!
This year’s a little bit different for me, but if there’s one thing that I can be certain of is that I had never, ever, been ashamed about having 2 dads. Even more so how I think that our unusual family is pretty awesome that way.
Thank you for teaching me how to carve a chicken, clean and filet a fish, grill a steak, pair my alcohol with my meals, and fix my kitchen sink plumbing (jk, I learned that last one thanks to YouTube and out of student budget desperation).
You also taught me how to outdrink and outwit any other boy... except you cause you’re the smartest men in the world. 🙄
Thank you for sharing your love for food and culture, for travel and getting lost, your love for music and art but also for stupid gross things. Thank you for encouraging me to play in the dirt, for allowing me to make my own mistakes and most importantly to respect everyone -no matter who they may be.
I always used to say that I had the coolest Dads in the world cause, on top of brainwashing me into thinking so, you guys are objectively dope. It’s only now that I realize that by being so, what you really taught me was -even when shit hits the fan- how I need to and should be treated by people and how I should treat them in return. .
Voilà, fin de mon éloge. Bow.
I love you and miss US so much, Pompadom and Dad. Happy Fathers Day! #lovewins 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
broken clocks ain’t got no time, just burning daylight
“what’s your favorite coffee shop? “ “you mean here, or ever, in the world?” -l’amour sans philosopher, c’est comme le café très vite passé
happy momma day, wild thing! thanks for showing and reminding everyone around you the value of strength, compassion, honesty and fun. love you! #spiritmom #wildthingpose
love, pain and knowledge change us so gradually, we hardly notice. you either get bitter or get better 😏
reaction to the beach, dessert and/or both in this heat
❌ marks the spot
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i’ve been thinking ‘bout you, oh na na #feedmiles #DibDibBuns
moments you wish you could freeze and live a little longer. my heart is so full
and my phone memory and content library too #DibDibBuns 💁🏻‍♀️
hobbies: does yoga, stores crystals in a singing bowl, drinks organic green smoothies, meditates daily and reads flaubert and murakami in her free time. 
jk, i’m just really happy they have cheap ice cream that doesn’t make my stomach 💥 #itme