RETHINK THE WORLD, REINVENT ART & POLITICS. #TWUC2 = 2019 » next exhibition. Founder of @MOVE_21. 18 y/old student + artist & activist


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Another look behind the scenes of THE WAKE UP CALL 2019. »The organisation, the funding, arrangements, the creative process, working out the intentions and the post-production are some of the things that are taking the most time to produce TWUC2 - and everything of that is my responsibility, besides going to school, doing my A-level and trying to do my best as an artist & activist who really tries to change something.« MK about #TWUC2
Behind the scenes of #TWUC2's production. @MOVE_21
First studio & first studio shooting! After weeks of creating this room, I can finally call it my first own studio. Now we can start the final phase of producing the photographic part of "THE WAKE UP CALL2". #TWUC2 @MOVE_21
{some} outtakes from the latest test-shooting. Sadly, we are not able to show any pictures of @alessia_xcb so far.
Model / @selenemori, @alessia_xcb 
Styling / @dennis_kre 
Assistent / @leah_ty, @samborghini7, @_brian_oneil_ 
Cinematographer / @max_flix 
EXPLORE MORE AT WWW.MK-21.DE [Not an smoking-advisory. Do not smoke!]
@MOVE_21 / Test for #TWUC2
One last picture of #NSDOKUZENTRUM. I think the importance of this museum is huge and with it, we are able to recognize the danger of populism [also in 21. century] & understand how things came so far, back in 1933. After all, dealing with this time today, is maybe more important than ever before. [Topic will also be part of #TWUC2]
Can’t tell you how much I'm working every single day to make my next art exhibition "TWUC2" come to life. It's fucking stressful but also huge fun & I am thankful for my entire team and all the people who support this next exhibition, even there is still so less to know about it. But change will come soon. Prepare yourself & get ready to explore, feel and invent the future. #TWUC2
And be the fuck who you are, no matter what people might think of you! xoxo from future, MK. [Thx to my one and only @leah_ty] [Great exhibition by @julian.charriere at @kunsthallemainz]
It’s on us. After all it started a similar way. We have to rethink. Many things. Now. #TWUC2
Conflict of time. 2018, Munich.
The minimalistic design of the current fast-pasted time, shows us a lot about the future & how the human being will probably change, during the next decades... #TWUC2
Today it’s perhaps more important then ever before to remember & deal with the past. @NSDOKU / #NSDOKUMENTATIONSZENTRUM
Munich, 2019. @NSDOKU. Interesting & important museum.
Munich, 2019.