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Just smile it away #ootdplussize #ootd #ootdhijab #hijabplussize
I feel like I’m in Japan
Which is weird, coz it’s Chinese temple 😅 but yeah.. somehow felt like I’m in Japanese shinto temple
Dependable companion~si putih comfy onitsuka
gonna miss their assem jawa and es kopi susu 😭 till my next trip to Semarang @spiegelbistro
One thing that I like from colonial art deco building is the detail 😍❤️ even the smallest tiles are well-design.. even the utilities and structures are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.. the color.. the ornament.. and all the “datum” that elevate its aesthetics ❤️
Lihat timbangan besar jadul gini yg ada kesadaran “kelas berat” ini bangkit 😅🙈 #hijabfashion #hijabstyle #hijabplussize
It’s all about perspective
I’ve just visited this “kampung pelangi” which is a result of neighborhood restoration project.. a problem most cities in Indonesia have, slum area.. how this town transformed from a slum into a tourist sight is due to different perspective used by the government .. the power of new generation and the knowledge they had..
#ootd #plussizefashion #plussizeootd
Stepping to the colorful land and start my day with cheerful thoughts.. how is your friday?
Such a delightful noon and will come back tomorrow ✌️
Such a nice corner to sip your coffee while enjoying the old town.. Definitely will stay here all day with my laptop/book if I ever spend more time in Semarang

PS: do me a favor n try their Asem Jawa 👌👌
Cute flamingo accent among very masculine industrial interior 👌