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And this is how we start the year! Dropping those pounds like they are hot!
Action, Commitment & Consistency that’s all it takes.
Super happy for my client Alisha #summergoalsunderway
Pretty little nails... Let's see how long  this nail polish will last on.. Maybe til bed time 🤣🤣
A little Saturday fun! #bounce #birthdaycelebration
The #1 way to fail when your trying to reach a goal is when you don't have a plan!
You need to map everything out that's exactly what I do in my coaching business.
I help my clients plan out an action plan that will work based on their lifestyle.
I call this The Yes Lets Get Fit planning session. It's completely complimentary. Is the first step to make complete FREE Wellness Profile provided in my link..
Because if you fail to plan, Then you just planned to fail. .
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Perfection can't be bought, perfection is natural beauty in it's pure essence. Perfection is knowing that I am imperfectly beautiful.
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It sure is💞...
Where's your Focus?! DAY 9...
You are the sweetest and one of a kind. The most special little 5 year old girl, I love everything about you my picky eater. I am so proud to be your momma. We love you to the moon and back!
Her big sister @jay.lgx knows how to make birthday mornings special. Love my girls!😍 .
#happybirthdayavarose #birthdaygirl #biggirlmoves #fiveyearsold #lolsurprise
French Onion Soup ~ The weather calls for it💛 and I crave it! .
"If you don't raise your standards, you will be living your life based on other people's standards. And guess what they have planned for you ~ Not much. They will expect you to eat on the floor." NOT THIS KITTY CAT 🦁#itsssssrosie
Today I shared some awesome tips on "How to Lose Weight faster" Key Word "Tip" not "Trick". I share the best products to help you achieve your goals and a daily routine you can create using something we all have at home and access to that will give you amazing results.
Every Friday, I send right to your inbox Tips of the Trade. How to live a Healthy, Balanced Life with Recipes, Nutrition facts, workout tips, trackers, planner and much more.
If you have not signed up yet, just click on the link in my bio and let's stay in touch. #Yesletsgetfit
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What healthy habit has made the biggest difference in your life? .
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