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Yesterday was so much fun!! Everyone was lit, hyped and just the energy was everything it’s self! Anyone that knows me truly knows I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! THIS WAS AMAZING to spend it with people who have made your year!
One more post 😂😂 I know most of you are tired of me posting about #PowerhouseLA but here is one of my favorite pics before my phone died lol!! I had a great time hanging out with @lupellerenas she super energetic, nice, funny and positive! Not to mention finally meeting for the first time was also great! She’s very inspiring to see her do what she does! Being my first #PowerhouseLA & doing this was incredible! Also got to see  @whatmannydoes it was also great to see him! (I actually surprised he noticed me since I’m super short 😂😂😂😂) Even if I didn’t get to hangout with him as much I’m glad I got to see him at that point! (No matter if his lucky ass went to see @kendricklamar at the championship tour 😭😤)
Successful day at #PowerhouseLA!! Got to meet a lot of artists, not to mention #TheCruzShow @jcruz106 @iamcecevalencia @djlechero you guys were amazing!!! Love you guys!!
Some pics I took from yesterday’s @power_106’s #PowerhouseLA!!! This is just a little taste while still editing the interviews! & yes I took these photos!
Prom was just amazing! Thank you to everyone who made my night unforgettable and LIT!! 🔥🔥🔥 I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!
My last prom 🤙🏽🌹#SeniorYear #ClassOf2018 #SanDiego #Prom2018
It was an honor to hear @mrmathewknowles speak today his knowledge was empowering. His story makes you believe that anything is possible even the impossible, is possible. Thank you for your words! + got to also meet @reynaharveyb she is so down to earth and I love her personality your truly amazing 💜💜
Happy Birthdayyyy!!!! I’m glad to call him my bestfriend/brother because he’s always been there for me for the past 2 years putting up with me. Today I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever! Don’t let some asshole ruin your dayy especially today you deserve to be happy (well everyday you should anyways) I can’t wait to see what’s next for you in the next coming years what ever you get set! Just know I will always be supporting you no matter what, love you! 💜
Back home again!! 🤙🏽
Save the date April 20th!
Just feel the waves coming soon! 🌊 🌊🌊🌊
#EverydayLife #Oceanside #BigWaves #SpringBreak