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First episode of 2018!!! ⚡️ The Weekly Fresh ⚡️@tunein ft new music from @Pitbull ✨ @YourBoyMyles ✨ @kyle_devore ✨ @KalinWhite ✨ @EricTuckerMusic ✨ @G_Eazy ✨ @DylanReeseMusic ✨ @KendrickLamar @sza ✨ @iamcardib @brunomars ✨ @shawn_the_rapper_ ✨ @GoldLink ⚡️LINK IN BIO!!!
It’s always good to give back especially if you’ve been blessed this year with so much it’s a great idea. There’s nothing better than to see a kids face light up when they receive a toy. That’s what the holiday is about. ✨❤️🌹
#SparkOfLove @abc7la #SparkThatLove #BeThat #GiveBack #PleaseExcuseMyFace
I’m blessed to be raised by this woman who’s always been there for me thick or thin & glad to be here on her 41st Birthdayy!! Love you Mom!! 💜❤️ #LatePost •
#FlawsAndBeautiful #HerHeartsTooBig #MyMotherMyWorld #BigButHeartIsBigger #HerMindIsOnPoint #SuperWoman #SheConsiders #Thoughtful #Irreplaceable #Thickums #Wise #Memorable #NotYourAverageOrTypical #StrongUnlikeAnybodyElse #Different #BeautifulSoul #SheHeartsYummyGummy #SheLivesForMe #SheChallengesMeToBeBetter #FunnyForDays #HardToForget #ShesANatural #Togetherness #HBDMOTHER #SweeterThanAPoptart
#RosecransRadio with @cypressmoreno featuring @joeyfatts at 7pm yesterday night on @dashradio ! #rosecransradio🌹📻 🎬@outkastmarcoss
I want to wish a very special Happy Birthday to @djcarisma‼️❤️ 🎉🎈Hope you have an amazing dayy!! She has inspired me a lot to be in the music/DJ scene and to never give up on any dream that you have because if you keep putting the effort you will get there one day! She’s a hardworking woman that never stops and always keep going. Enjoy your birthday Carisma!! ❤️ #YoungCalifornia #DJCarisma #YNGCA
You just have to focus in the now and forget the past... ✨ also I love this weather & this sunset!!! 😍😍😍🤤 & VOTE FOR ME FOR @jamn957’s NEXT RADIO DJ PLEASE!! LINK IN BIO!! 🙏🏼
Unforgettable night w/ my favs ❤️❤️💔😭💛💛⚡️ #SeniorNight #LastFootballGame
#GameNight 💛⚡️ #SeniorNight😫💔😭
Happy Birthdaaaaay to my Bestfriend!!!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 love you soooo freeaaaaking much!!!! Hope you had an amazing b-day!!!
( Swipe Left ) << Thank you to everyone who made my night yesterday!! 😘 #NightToRemember
(Swipe Left) << My final homecoming 💛✨
#LifeIsAMovie #WatchandLearn #SuppaDuppaFlyy #HOCO2K17🔥 #BlackOnBlackOnBlack #classof2018🎓
Sometimes things end up making you feel torn but it's all worth it in the end. You learn more as you start to realize it in your thoughts and feelings on certain things afterwards. Happiness isn't just based on someone changing it. Your the one in control and their isn't anyone better than your self to make that happen in a matter of time. Get your self together, focus on yourself before someone else. I'm not saying to be selfish I'm saying do what you need to get done what ever it is then after that's cleared up then you can worry about that significant other or some might say "second person" we all make that choice to focus on that significant other and forget about what are your important values that's you need to finish. Point is don't let your happiness be based off of someone else because the only one who can make your self happy is your self! #LearnThat #BeThat #BeAllAboutIt