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✖From Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹🌍
✖Model with WilhelminaNY🇺🇸 - EliteEurope 🇪🇺
✖Fitness entrepreneur📊
✖Collaborations: ivobuchta.business@outlook.com

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One of my favourites by @kenlams 📸📸
Styling @dechen_tashi
Berlin has showed me spring is around the corner 🌇 #goodvibes
A trip to El Nido, Palawan feels like a key to the universe, it's hard to describe how beautiful it is 🌌🗝
What's your favourite holiday destination? Write a comment below because I'm looking for my next trip 🌏
Picture by @reniesaliba
#bnw #beach #art #vibes
I promise you'll sweat 😜☀
@benchbodyph #summeriscoming
Saturation overload. #oitnb
Here we go again 😎🇵🇭 always a pleasure shooting for @benchbodyph
📸 photo: @reginedavid
Styling @mrdavidmilan
Living largely in a world of my own 🔖🔖 #Sundaythoughts
Off into the weeeeekend 💥🙌💥
bnw shot by @marco_ovando 📸 #oneofthosedays
This morning I opened my window, saw a lot of snow & -5 degrees on the thermometer... then I looked at this picture and knew working hard now will pay off soon again 🏝🤙
Sunny days ahead 🌄
What do you think?
On some days all you can do is saying thank you to the people who are good to you and you get to work with! 
I just signed with @imgmodels Sydney, officially going to form my own fitness company and having the chance to live a life I'm grateful for every single day! 
Let me tell you, it's a lot of effort but If something works out the way I was hoping for and I get to share great things with my favourite people, that's the best feeling in the world 😊🙌
I wish you all a great weekend!