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Waiting. Starving. 😭 Would rather be here right now.
First day of spring! There’s a weird non-scientific rumor that you can stand an egg on its end during the vernal equinox/first day of spring. Don’t even bother trying; cook eggs instead 😏. #ontheblog: a recipe for soy sauce eggs, my latest addiction.
This is what it would look like if my evening baking went as planned. I meant to re-make this banana-rye muffin recipe from an old blog post...and realized that we are out of rye flour AND I completely forgot to buy bananas at the grocery store. WTF. 😑
Exceeded my caloric intake for the day. Got the double-fried chicken sandwich with kimchi (I thought it was going to be baechu kimchi & was completely thrown off by the cucumber), cheese, and gochujang aioli. The @almampls baguette really makes it 🤤.
Have you tried butterfly pea flower tea? My mom purchased this particular batch from Taiwan, and truthfully, the flavor is quite boring. However, I love how naturally blue it is and I love that it turns purple when you add a lemon to it. Science! Citric acid!
At the market, Valparaiso, Chile, 2017. This guy was kind and funny as hell. Would totally buy carrots from him again. #fujipro800z
I found @cakewalknorthfield today at the @cities97 event and I’m in love! Sadly, I cannot post what I ate because it was photobombed by a butt. Feast your eyes on this pretty Sweet Retreat “Tiki” cupcake with pineapple rum buttercream instead.
Remember when everyone used to post their avocado toast breakfasts on Instagram? Yeah.
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Things I’m making today: Homemade za'atar flatbread -- Definitely best in an egg-centric dish like çılbır!
Fresh breakfast 油條. Taipei, Taiwan, 2017.
Just devoured this Thai fried chicken and papaya salad today at brunch! The juiciest chicken and a perfectly runny yolk...Pro-tip: it pairs pretty damn well with their fish sauce Bloody Mary. Got to try @codykartarik’s Hanoi Sticky Rice too! It’s on their dinner menu but I’m now even more convinced that it should just be a breakfast/brunch dish.
It’s the little things, you know? (Yes, those are cutout banana letters.)