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I was on the Cooking Channel slinging cakes once. • Minneapolis • work portfolio:

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When you’re like “Ohhh! I have to entertain and make things!!” Well, here you go. #ontheblog #ricotta
Someone send me breakfast for lunch. Am eating leftovers 😭
I’m running out of kitchen space because of all of the food photo props. Need bigger kitchen. Need to win the lottery.
Love the little leafy details on this bûche de Noël. We brought this to my dad’s 60th birthday this evening instead of a traditional cake. ‘Tis the season!
#OnTheBlog: The easiest lazy holiday app you’ll ever make. The surprise ingredient? A @brueggers bagel! 
Because it’s Dominique Crenn! (Monkfish, white sturgeon caviar and buckwheat crêpes.) Please ignore this post if you don’t know who this bad ass lady is. Just let me geek out.
Chirashi: when you need more than just sashimi for a meal. Bonus points when there’s house-brewed soy sauce and a brush so people don’t abuse their damn fish. I could eat this allllllllll day 🍣
The only thing I really want to do on cloudy days is...bake. Find these Lemon Sage Cookies #ontheblog
Holiday baking. Overbaked these cookies by a hair because I didn’t hear the timer. 😭 Also cheated with sparkle icing because I cannot find my piping bags and tips.
Just feeling nostalgic. I miss big photography spaces.
I don’t know what he’s doing or thinking. And the TV isn’t even on...
Editing photos and taking a few tonight...couldn’t resist posting what I’m working on.