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Prosciutto wrapped terrine (with many other delicious things)? Yes, please. More pictures of people taking pictures? Someone call Random House — I smell a coffee table book.
Cliché shot of my almond milk latte. It feels like a Monday.
When your chair is telling you what to do...Fine, I’ll have more coffee at 4:30. Happy now, chair?
Someone send me doughnuts STAT. My blood sugar is low. 🙃
Serious inquiry. I’ve had bangs for the last 10 years (aka Warhol-esque fashion years) and I can’t see myself not having them. Should I grow them out? Side-swept? Shave it? Grow a mullet? Flock of Seagulls it? (Obviously not serious about the latter three.) I need a haircut.
A perfect night-in involves fire and steak frites.
I wore the wrong shoes for today. It’s wet, rainy and I feel MEH. But hey, this coffee beer was pretty funky and I enjoyed it!
I feel like garbage. My sinuses are all I HATE YOU. I’m living on green tea now. #nofoodstyling #seriously (It helps to be very particular on the way I prepare things.)
Restaurant nostalgia: that one time I made everyone carve pumpkins at 6th Street in 2010. There was no blood. Because that would be pretty damn embarrassing.
The crispy shrimp is not actually crispy but it’s delicious so who cares. Also, they just launched new fall cocktails today! Pictured: an autumnally appropriate apple cider cocktail and a pineapple cocktail with mezcal. I can’t remember what else was in it — I was too busy drinking. 🍸
#Shelfie. And NOLO’s Kitchen opens today.
Trying to find my cookie cutters and going through old photos. Apparently, my husband met Adam West when he was just a tot.