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JA News, Pics, Updates 20.06.16💙.James Follows on twitter& liked 14.09.16 , 16.10.16 😍⭐️Admin @siobhan_official


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Feature page coming to our website send us your stories , Drawings Videos and selfies with James and you could be featured make yourself JArmy famous ! 
Tweet us at @JA_Fanzone on twitter and we will DM you full details on how you can be featured ❤️ --------------------------------------------please credit me if used Thankyou 😄 -------------------------------------------- 🎸James Arthur Fanzone🎸
🍀#KingArthur --------------------------------------------#JamesArthur #SafeInside #LyricEdit #Inspiring #Loved #Respect #AdoreJames #BestSinger #KindHeart #BeautifulSoul --------------------------------------------please credit me if using my photos thanks --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone 🎸
A message from James regarding the Sheffield tour date tonight ! Rescheduled due to ill health get well soon @jamesarthurinsta23 --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone🎸
And it's drawing closer ! Tomorrow the tour date is Sheffield ! where our team are heading to see @jamesarthurinsta23 we will be live on our Facebook page be sure to give us a like "James Arthur Fanzone" --------------------------------------------#KingArthur #OnTour #Sheffield #Amazing #RESPECT #LOVE #Blessed --------------------------------------------please credit me if used Thankyou -------------------------------------------- 🎸James Arthur Fanzone 🎸
He is the cutest of the cutest 🙊next tour date is NEWCASTLE 🎉 so far have been Norwich the opening show and last night Southend On Sea where are you going to see @jamesarthurinsta23 we are heading to Sheffield Monday so exciting! --------------------------------------------#JamesArthur #OnTour #BackFromTheEdge #2017 #PhoenixIsRising #KingArthur #RESPECT #Love --------------------------------------------please credit me if used Thankyou 🔥 --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone 🎸
Serious question how many of you would actually follow my personal account and help me reach 1k ? there will be a surprise #LOVE --------------------------------------------personal account @siobhan_official --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone🎸
Skeletons such an amazing song 😍❤️ --------------------------------------------#JamesArthur #Skeletons #JustLetLoveIn #BackFromTheEdge #Deluxe #MyEdit #KingArthur #LOVE --------------------------------------------please credit me if used Thankyou ❤️ --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone🎸
Hello everyone, I have a project going for James, that I'd like everyone to get involved with! It will be amazing when it's finished! @_chloe_summers_11_ please message my account for more information, or send your stories to that account too. All my love! - Chloe- ❤️
Happy 29th Birthday @jamesarthurinsta23  we have watched you grow from a boy to a man through out the last 4 and a half years and as a Fanbase we are proud to see you have achieved so much overcome your demons you become more sweet kind and loving with every hour the world is your because you turned it around with your powerful voice your lyrics of wisdom the love you have for JArmy and the way you inspire everyone on interviews and social media have the best day ever see you in a week or so Mr Arthur #LOVE #RESPECT --------------------------------------------video credit to @jamesarthursupport ❤️ --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone🎸
The project is now live and ready to view Thankyou everybody for taking part some clips were unsavable I do apologise as I didn't have time to contact you all individually but you help was appreciated none the less! please go tweet James with Happy Birthday and the link and #PrisonerProject Thankyou ❤️ --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone🎸
One day 😍🙊🎉 --------------------------------------------#JamesArthur #29thBirthday #Surprise #PrisonerProject #LOVE #KingArthur --------------------------------------------🎸James Arthur Fanzone🎸
Who can't resist his smile? Isn't it the most beautiful thing in the world?! --------------------------------------------#LOVE #KingArthur #Smile #beautiful --------------------------------------------Credit to James's fans from twitter --------------------------------------------🎸 James Arthur Fanzone 🎸