Jack Falahee
@entireworld. Spoiler, I don’t solve the rubix cube
Big Sur, a month ago or so.
Summer vibes
The boys are back. @xambassadors new album ORION is out and it is LIT. I’ve personally been super excited for this one to drop. I know how much sweat and love they put into this album and it shows. Proud of you guys.
The dream team. Post opening night. So over the moon about this squad. Look how hot we are! Come see BYHALIA MISSISSIPPI at @kennedycenter
Tonight is opening night for BYHALIA, MISSISSIPPI at @kennedycenter 
I’m incredibly proud and grateful to be a part of this amazing production. I cannot thank the cast/stage management/crew/creative team/producers enough. You’re all brilliant and I’m happy to share the stage with you all. Thank you for welcoming me. Thank you @kvsenior @evanlindero @jeffreyfinn for the opportunity. 
If you’re in the DC area please come see our show. We run through July 7. 🙏🏼 Photo: Jeremy Daniel
Hey get down from there
Well, do you like my coat
Is this a thirst trap
Pre-show workout.
@lodemarta is one of the most inspiring and brilliant artists that I know. Over the years she’s pushed me emotionally, creatively and intimately. I love her poetry and I am deeply deeply proud of her today. You should buy her book that is now on sale. ME PELEÉ A LOS GRITOS CON EL MANAGER DEL SPA (I got in a fight with the spa manager) is about her exes, family, and her pursuit of happiness .. but most importantly, her dog.

Congratulations CARLITA.

Link in bio or check out her page.
Come see us at the Kennedy Center! We open June 12 and run through July 7. Very excited and humbled to be a part of this brilliant production.