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Are you kidding me
Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. Alternate caption: visual representation of how much I love Banjo
Staying cool.
Lake Michigan. If you squint you can see me
Would have been a lot funnier if I missed the ball **EDIT: Thanks for your concern - I’m golfing into a shallow lake and all balls were retrieved.. by me. Keep the Great Lakes great.**
The government’s current war on immigrants, exposed recently through the inhumane separation of migrant parents and children has struck a nerve with the population and spurred them into action. People are organizing and mobilizing across the country to make a stand against the immigration policies of the Trump regime. The separation of families (which Trump’s executive order did NOT stop), the deportations, the criminalization of immigration are all inhumane practices which have to stop. We demand for immigration policy that calls for the aboliltion of ICE and a full-scale decriminalization of immigration.
Parents are being threatened with never seeing their children again unless they agree to be deported, the government is setting up “tent cities” that can hold tens of thousands of people indefinitely.
Mijente held a massive direct action yesterday across the country which call for the removal of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, the abolition of ICE and the end of Operation Streamline, a program which seeks to drastically speed up the deportation process.
10 protestors were arrested for participating in peaceful civil disobedience during the #FreeOurFuture Day of Action. They have been released and now we are working to raise money for their bail bonds. Please consider donating: bit.ly/donate2mijente
I miss my dog
I post exclusively about food and Banjo
New music with Phante coming soon @iamtheelephante
Austin, TX.
Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
I have no reason to believe this is not the best photo of me ever taken