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Frequently sleeping in my car, but homebase is Bozeman, MT Ski|Photo
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Found a dry trail, where's the rhubarb at?
Feeling the pull of the desert a little extra recently. Taken a little over a year ago.
So many places, so much homework, so little time.
Seasonally confused
One more from Sunday! Such a fun morning!
A lovely day by every measure, much needed. @lukiethomps eyeing the wave.
Spent the morning pretending we were in France. Dead fall trees, a long flat walk back to the car, and a severe lack of raclette promptly reminded us that we were indeed still in Montana. #backwoodstramriders
Kind of good, mostly bad, definitely fun.
Classic Bozeman morning. #transitionactionshot
Pretty cool getting to explore some new areas around Jackson this week! Hopefully I learned a thing or two because tomorrow is test day!
@carsonmeyerphoto setting the booter on yesterday's outing!
It was a plan B type of weekend down in Salt Lake City, but when plan B is exploring a new place with some fresh snow, I'm not going to complain. Stoked to get to ski in the Wasatch even on a low snow year. Thanks again to @hukesnow for a place to crash, next time we will have to get some turns in!