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Frequently sleeping in my car, but homebase is Bozeman, MT Ski|Photo
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Walking in the woods.
Ellis Laps before class. Bonus: the skiing was actually decent!
Does this count as training for the Rut? 沒キ|@elle_limesand
Always a good day when the last lap is by headlamp.
Woke up in Bozeman this morning, not as satisfying as mornings at the hut. Quite the luxury to be able to step outside in the morning, point to a line, and go ski.
When the aquatic centre doesn't have a high dive
沒キ|@elle_limesand #geranimo! #rainpow #mtnhub
A little break from long walks today. @davismurane enjoying the free ride.
Out for a stroll. #mtnhub
Some powder skiing, some ice climbing, and some typical Hyalite shenanigans.
Got a little high country skiing in, found some frozen waterfalls to jump off, ate a burger at the hauf. Not a bad day.
Preseason bridger laps are back! Too bad everyone else found out...
Still grinning coming up on mile 30, hell of an effort bud! Glad to come along for the second lap!