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Beyond thankful for another healthy year of creating and doing what I love! Excited for what’s to come! 🤘🏻
South France I love you and can’t wait to be back 😊 where’s somewhere you can’t wait to go back to?
Spent 2 weeks in Europe escaping but also reflecting the last couple months, positive and negative moments. I left that trip excited more then ever of what’s to come and to not dwell on the past. Beyond thankful for the people in my life and the ones that inspire me 🤘🏻🙏🏻
Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had a love for cars. On our way back to our airbnb we stumbled across this gorgeous 1955 Rolls Royce Phantom 1/2 in France.
Had a blast chasing sunrise around this beautiful city with some awesome people from home! @laurareidd @meaganfaye @kyleslee 🤗
After 6 months of incredible highs and equivalent shocking lows that have left me speechless and wondering why?? I’ve began to process and become at peace with the uncontrollable events we all can never plan for. 
I’ve learned that our time is so valuable and to make the most of our 1440 minuted we have a day. 
A couple weeks ago we set out on a exciting and packed day for @downtofilm birthday. Here’s how things went down 
shoutout too @kenzokiren and @joshua.laplap for smashing this edit full video on @highonlife YouTube

great times with the crew! @kyleslee @dustin_lander @justis @parkerheuser @arjunmalikphoto 🤘🏻😊 @whistlerbungee
🗂: Hard summer -> Lolapalooza @ekalimusic big fall ahead 👀👀
Just another boat party off the coast of Vancouver @theparlourrestaurants  @braedin @tyler_m_mcdougall @kyleslee @alienworkshap @edrussell7
Green room vibes before the show then the boys drained after the show 😅 📸: @felixcartal
A couple weekends ago my good friend @felixcartal and I got wild down on the beach for @kaskade @__sunsoaked show! Grateful for these amazing times and memories 🤘🏻
Awesome time down on the beach for @kaskade Sun Soaked show with @felixcartal 🤘🏻🌞
moments with @illeniummusic @fvdedinthepark