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Irrigation manufacturing company specializing in high efficiency, low volume products.


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Complete JAIN System Layout! #efficientirrigation
Eliminate overspray on hardscape with drip irrigation.
Total CV emitterline is perfect for subsurface, below ground cover and tree ring applications. Visit jainsusa.com for more information on our one of a kind Amnon emitter. #dripirrigation #TotalCV #smartirrigationtechnology
Our 9" Micro-Pop (72500740) is perfect for low volume applications where a mix of drip and overhead irrigation is necessary.
Jain Jet @ 180fps. 📽@jeff_speed
Easy overhead option complete with flow control, Vari-Jet Mister (72500964). Available at jainsusa.com
Grassy knoll...looking green with all the TX rain!
JAIN Jet's, pictured here is our #30 L13' x W6' sprinkler. Contact your local JAIN distributor for purchasing options.
ClickTif point source emitters combined with JAIN Tubing, the easiest and most reliable combination! #irrigationefficiency
Complete field monitoring with Observant Technology by JAIN AgTech. The C3 unit sends info to our cloud from soil, wind and temperature sensors. We even have a camera to keep an eye on thieving gophers! #fieldmonitoring #agtech #smartirrigation
It's summertime, make sure your tubing is 100% Virgin Plastic to protect from powerful UV rays! #qualitytubing #dripirrigation
JAIN On/Off Tube Weights for hanging plants are an easy alternative to a valve/emitter combination. Simply twist the weighted emitter to open and close.