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Dude from 🇫🇮 who likes to snowboard / University Olympic Medalist (the smarter series) / Finnish Champion / Wappulounas Winner | @nitrofinland

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I had a great #hitchhiking trip from Helsinki to Joensuu. I didn't get to Mikkeli, tho. I got to Kouvola instead, joined the #suurtakinsuurempisuomenkiertue and got to hang around at @roopetonteri 's summer cottage.

Specs : ~500km route
11 rides
1 towing car
3 Russian hitchhikers jumped on to a ride I was on
Went swimming 4 times
Back at Kiihtelys-hoods and sending some dives from the "high" tower ✌️@aatupartanen @emilkotavuopio
Grilli is best
Working on our #vanlife project. Follow @symppis.syncro to keep updated! #projectvanlife #volkswagent3 #vwt3 #vwbus #tölkki #vansofinstagram
Last stretch (bs 180 seatbelt) in the Finnish national team. Thank you all for these 7 years full of action! 📸 @lumilautaliitto #vieläkerran #leijonapaita #päälle #nevöfoget @nitrofinland #nitrosnowboards
We're probably a bit crazy. We bought this beauty to convert it into a camper van. Wish us luck!
Riding the @wappulounas 📸 @iisakkikennila / @juliuskonttinen
🔊🔛 #Lipiopen video competition winner. We also recorded the song ourselves. 🎸&🏂 @rakettirazzle 🎤&🏂 @jallusparta 🎥,🏂&💀 @spendales 🎥&🎞️✂️ @perttel 🥁 @vaihe1
🎬 @kairaprod
Ice swimming is so cool ❄️👌 📸 @peetupiiroinen
@lipiopen was rad! Few photos and a vid from the high jump contest. Made it over 260 cm ✌️ 📸 Pekka Valli, @henripetteri + @schamppi 80s edit 🎥 @rakettirazzle #Lipiopen
Jaha, taitaa olla taas se aika vuodesta. Meme-artist: @henripetteri
Hip means it's spring, and HIM playing on the radio means it's time to send it. #joinme 🎥 @rakettirazzle 
@nitrofinland #nitrosnowboard