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Feminist-in-progress. Check out my other Instagram account @i_weigh it’s part of my revolution against shame. ❤️ she/her


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❤️ everything is fine ❤️
Saw #blindedbythelightmovie by @gurinder.chadha a huge contributor in this world to putting south Asian stories on the big screen. 🤘🏽hosted by @ozy  @blindedbythelightmovie
Save the children. Save the people. Save the dogs. Ban assault weapons. This is so ridiculous. 🙄
I eat trolls for dinner. Ps. This clown was saying this regarding an app for KIDS from @ww that teaches them from the age of 8, how to diet. Fuck that app. Encouraging children to learn “success” and “failure” in weight loss, and monitor themselves in numbers that they are too young to ingest responsibly. Are we ever old enough to emotionally handle those stupid numbers that don’t tell us much about our actual fucking health at all. 
If you are a parent and you allow your child at the age of 8, to start ingesting diet culture and fat-phobia by themselves on their phone, then you are fucking up. 
I was 11 when I was put on my first diet. And it ruined the rest of my life, because I developed an irrational terror of food and fat. 
Say no to this hugely irresponsible app by @ww they just continue to be the worst...
Had a pretttttty good night at the @instylemagazine Badass Women dinner. Got to meet so many faves that I admire. Everyone was smart and funny and kind, and inspiring. I felt very lucky to be there. Thank you to @laurabrown99 for being such a warm and fun host, and for making fashion fun and for celebrating women who fight back. 
Ps. @allisonbjanney is a fucking babe of a human. 👌🏽
TW: mention of rape in this video. 
Sick in bed and tired of going round in circles on this. This is my last word on this. Peace and love to anyone in Kashmir, and any people under the occupation of soldiers who are there to police and control them, who feel unsafe. I will be continuing to support funds that bring relief to those of you in the world who are being denied food, water, medicine. ❤️ Peace ❤️
COVER STAR OF THE YEAR/DECADE @gretathunberg who is doing so much to save the world. Follow her. Listen to her. Support her.
Deeply suspicious 📸 @austenhargrave
Gah. My own @britishvogue September Issue cover. I wrote the open editorial for this issue too, and I hope you enjoy it. 
This is a massive honour. ❤️ I can’t think of a cooler issue to be featured in. I can’t think of a cooler editor or a more exceptional guest editor. I love everything about this issue and the message behind it. It’s a new era for Vogue, and it’s really exciting. No airbrushing on a vogue cover! Wahey!
As you can see from my stance I was very excited about you seeing the thigh slit and the amazing sleeve of this perfect dress that I love so much. 
Dress @reformation 
Shoes @michaelkors 
Hair @robertlopezcut 
Make up by me.
I’m aware this may not seem that deep, or “brave” but it’s a win for teenage and twenty something me who suffered with such obsessive body dysmorphia and fixation on anything society deemed a flaw. So it’s a little win for teenage anorexic me. 🤘🏽 Tag someone who needs to see this. We can break out of this prison of self hate together. ❤️ I love to expose all the shit that happens in this industry, to make us all feel sad, so you can see that it’s not you who is the problem, it’s THEM. To any other actors, influencers or models that follow me, please join me in this and fight back against the use of airbrushing that makes others try to reach standards that we a#ourselves can’t meet... ❤️ #freethebackfat
Who I think I am, vs, who I really am... 👌🏽 #getweird