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Taking 300+ polaroids aint as easy as id thought it would be. Taking a brief moment to say thank you to everyone helping this become a reality. And also taking a break cause i need to do 200 more. Any way, You know who you are. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #thelightep
Shout out to the best thai food in town

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HK, how are you?

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I had no idea taking 300+ pictures as Polaroids would be so time consuming. Taking a break for now to play with my best bud @jerry_thewolf
Hands down amber is one of the best people i know. I am so proud of you as a musician and a person and can’t wait to see all the videos!!! Congratulations!! #roguerouge #roguerougemixtape 
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#2 of the Rogue Rouge Mixtape

Closed Doors
Written By Amber Liu, @genneo 
Produced By @genneo 
Music Video
Director: @stefaniemichova 
DP: @cinematommy 
Second Unit: @stevepark_ 
Editor: Sir Bolten

Special Thanks to @misterxrocks @jackiefromspace @mandajac 
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My life has become an endless pursuit to make a better life for my dog. 
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@jeannie.ang.10 thank you so much for contributing to this project. Jerry is sick and tired of me taking pictures of him but honestly I don’t care because he keeps slapping me with his corn toy and he’ll do what I tell him to do if he wants to keep it. Until then enjoy this picture of sleeping Jerry and thank you again for your support!  It is because of people like you I have been able to focus on what I love. 
I’m too in love with my dog. But I’m stressed out about how long he will live. Can someone please come up with the technology to make him live as long as I do..? I will give you a signed copy of #thelightep and I will love you forever too ~
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