Thank you for the love @appledailyhk !! #kickstarter #thelightep
Thank you for the love @koreastardaily !! #kickstarter #thelightep
Happy valentine窶冱 day!  Thank you for the continued support on the kickstarter, let窶冱 keep it going!  But also, spend sometime with your lover today!! 泗条沛サ汳ェ沛セ汨昨沛サ泗交沛サ笶、ク #valentinesday #willyoubejerrysvalentine #puppydog #pawlentinesday #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #jerrythewolf #saveadog #adoptdontshop #adoptapuppy
Thank you for the love @koreaboo !!
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Thank you everyone for helping us get to over 200% of the goal in two days!! The support has been overwhelming and I窶冦 so grateful for all of you.  I will be updating later during the week about rewards and stretch goals so let窶冱 keep the momentum and keep moving forward. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you so much. 
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Thank you for the love @soompi !!!
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I窶况e just launched a kickstarter to fund an ep of a collection of songs i窶况e written to deal with the aftermath of my accident. If you haven窶冲 followed my journey over the past few years, here are the cliff notes. 
I played bass guitar in a few bands until my hand was cut off in an accident a couple years ago.  I have had multiple surgeries and it is now reattached but physical recovery beyond this point has been ruled out.  My only outlet for the stress has been writing.

I am asking for your help so I can put this project together the way I need to. It is a step back from plasticity of the pop machine and it comes straight from the heart.  Please check it out and share the project so we can fund this 100%! It would mean the world to me. Thank you!! #kickstarter #thelightep
He thought last time was the last time. He thought wrong. 
On a more serious note, i will be posting an Important update in the morning~ until then have a good night y窶兮ll

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Hey this is @jerry_thewolf he has a great smile and personality. I was hesitant about adopting but i found out his front left leg is broken in the joint, similar to mine. Although My wrist is degrading in health, his has gotten better with medication and care. I am so grateful for this little guy that it distracts me from my own aggravations. I never knew how happy a dog could make me. If you are capable, please adopt a dog and save a life. For me, it has been a reward greater than I imagined!  Follow my pup and his adventures at his instagram, tagged above!

#puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #jerrythewolf #saveadog #adoptdontshop #adoptapuppy
Before i get a doberman i have to figure out how to handle this small guy