My brother @jaykimmusic team released a new mv for the girls of playback. He has been a great friend and source of hope throughout my past three years. Check them out and leave me a comment about what you think. Thanks guys. 
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I feel like i live at the hospital and my house is my vacation spot.
Uploaded a ‘new’ song on my sound cloud. Found a track i wrote a little before my accident and remixed it just to remember what it was like. I was a dope ass bassist before my hand was crushed. Now i have to be dope at something else....But listen to that groove. Should have been in a post hardcore band. Take a listen, it’s the music i really wanted to play. 
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Backed up my computer from 2015 and came across this gem.  I was a pretty solid bassist. Should have been in a post hardcore band. 
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Gravity always wins. 
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The support I felt this week after my last post has been humbling and inspiring. I received thousands of messages from you that serve as a reminder not to give up and to fight on. Please stand by me over the next few weeks as i have particularly important decisions to make. I will need you to take action with me so let's stand strong together. I love you guys so much.
Im so pissed man. This is only part of what i went through. Rotting flesh before my eyes. Before my mom's eyes. Hiding from my friends and fans because i dont want to bring anyone down. I quit my band. I left my company. I left the seeds i had sown. And every day i am trying to be positive. To start over. But i am so pissed. Crushed bones and hundreds of hours of rehab and now every day i have to fight. I hate you so much.  I have to fight every single fucking day. My hand was chopped off and i try to find alternatives. now im a fucking shell of myself. Everyday i hear a new fucking crack or pop and feel a new twist or sprain or tear and your restaurant is fine and dandy. I passed you guys this trip to korea even though i didnt want to step anywhere near you but i still see you often in my nightmares. You guys were packed with customers. Do they know your ethics or what they would have to go through if they were crushed in your place?  I rewatched the cctv yesterday. I dont even remember who i used to be. All i can say is how dare you. How dare you ruin my life and come at me with this garbage about facts and figures. How dare you. If it was your son. Your family. What would you do?
First time using battery means a messy layout. 
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This one is better! Keep killing it @gina_lee_lloyd aka #gunit

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I'm outta here. 
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