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Professional snowboarder • World traveler • 2x Olympic gold medalist • 17x X-Games medalist • 🙏🌏✨🙌


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Back in the Colorado Rockies 🙏
Humbled , grounded & grateful 🙏❄️☀️ #JApow #JAunconditional
Thank you Japan 💙 so refreshing to be in this country... People are so kind, so respectful, they actually look at you in the eyes and acknowledge and even bow to greet 🙏 the pow and hot springs are on point too! 🇯🇵❤️ #grateful #JAunconditional
This is my brother joey and I frickin love him! Thanks for being here and always being there for me 🙏 🙌💙 @sltskier #jaunconditional #japan #shinto
Snowy hair, don’t care... I love being here 💙 Spending everyday outside exploring, hanging in the trees, listening to crows talk, laughing way to hard, making Japanese food, trying new things, falling a bit, landing a bit, thinking I can do some things and getting straight humbled, this is great experience and im beyond  thankful! #JAunconditional #japow
Night pow shredding was such a treat! 
I’ve never experienced something quite like this... Endless pow, misty lights, lots of laughs, chairlift beers, and high vibes! 🙏❄️🇯🇵 thanks for the shot @mikeyoshida ✨
Namaste to you all 🙏 “The light in me honors and sees the light in you, we are all one” 🙏❄️🙏❄️🙏 #JAunconditional
First time night shredding pow was all time! ❄️🙌❄️ as yuka says, “it tastes so good”!!! 😍 📷 @mikeyoshida 
#nisekounited #nisekotourism #nightpow #JAunconditional
Sometimes I wake up and can’t believe my reality... ✨

All the teachers in my life have helped me get to where I am today; keep in mind our teachers are all around us all the time, and it’s up to us to take the wisdom! Nature teaches, people, good and bad experiences, it’s all apart of the journey... Recently my mom was talking  about @byron.katie and how she believes “Our thoughts are pure projections of our reality” and it sounds a little crazy, but the power of manifestation is frickin awesome! Its fun to play with your dreams and what it is you ACTUALLY want in your reality. It’s your life, take charge and start thinking positive and see what changes might accrue.. 🙌 
#japan #grateful #JAunconditional
JA blessings from Japow!!! ❄️❄️❄️ @explorewanaka bringing us to the goods 🙏 📷 @sltskier
Taking in the moment... 💙 📷 @sltskier
Hitting this new year like... Frickin booooooya bitches! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Thankful to be going on a pow trip to Japan 😍 and to be working on a project that’s been a long time coming! 
The last few years or more like the last ten years have been so busy with events and obligations,  I’ve hardly had time to reflect and connect; on what it is im doing on this planet and how I can be of service to more... This year is about taking action and following through with ambition! There’s so much more Id like to do in this life and I’m ready to start handling it! 
What’re  your goals this year? How are we going to make this world a better place? Always open for fresh inspo.... 💙

I want to put more love & energy into my JA foundation #givebackwithlove & find more ways to help others! Much love peeps, let’s make shift happen, collectively and consciously 🙏💙✨