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🏛️Stuttering highschool dropout.
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My return back to London was completely booked out. Apologies for those who I couldn't connect and work with, I promise I'll be back soon :) Until next time London!
Everyone has to visit @untethered_vr in Adelaide. As a ex competitive gamer in a past life, the experience at Untethered will shatter everything you ever thought to be realism 😅... #adelaide #adelaideshow
I spent time in Florence last week, the history and culture was amazing! 
Although I'm travelling around Europe I don't define this trip as a holiday, oI hate "holidays". The concept of getting away from your everyday life to go something better scares me. Create a lifestyle whereby you don't need a holiday from it. Put in the work to make your life as good as a "holiday". Integrate the activity's you want to do everyday into your routine and make everyday like a movie.

This is why I'm working every single day while in Europe, cultivating new projects, building in depth campaigns and making new connections. 😊
After sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon which is a 2 kilometre drop, sitting on the edge of Horseshoe Bend, which is only a 300 meter drop actual felt quite relaxing after a steep hike...go figure ha
Managing my team from the Greek Islands✅

Am I a "lifestyle entrepreneur" yet?... 😮. I certainly hope not haha. Rather Samsung just make great water proof phones, I've set up my team to operate without me and the 4G connection here is FINALLY decent. However Im not that game enough to whip out my laptop and start running ad campaigns from the beach, that's where I draw the line. 😂
"PUT, THAT, COFFEE, DOWN..." ☕💸. Tag a friend who's not a close and needs to put that coffee down 😅🤔
Plane game strong. ✈☺. I think I was a bug or something in a past life, I seem to have a constant attraction to city lights 🤔📸
Snowboy in the Swiss Alps.❄ ⛷. Have you been to Switzerland??
10 steps to building a virtual team as a Marketer. 🔥

Here's how I've built an agency and a software company that operate WITHOUT ME 😳😯. Watch the full video in my bio 📹
Stop asking people who have never been where you're going for direction. Be careful of who you seek guidance from.

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