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Home-crafted, natural, artisan goat milk soaps and other bath and body nourishments made with as much local and organic ingredients as possible.


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Loads of lip balm!!! We’ve got you covered!  NEW Spice, NEW Coconut, Cherry, Naked, Anise Menthol, Jungle, Peppermint, Lavender, French Vanilla, Spearmint Menthol, and Orange.
A bit of fun in the love shack today!  Oh, he’s been so eager! Today he got lucky. Nettie + Olaf = ❤️
Everyone loves something for #free, right? And I love giving stuff away!!! Effective immediately, each #batch of #soap (180 bars) will have one lucky bar that includes this ticket with details on the back. Think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Except in this case, there will be many “golden tickets” and not just one!  Good luck!
Lovely local lard being “canned” to make it shelf stable. This has and will be used in soaps. It makes a wonderful hard and #skin #loving bar! Thanks so much to @dorothysrange for making this possible. April at Dorothy’s range provides her pigs with pasture, sunshine and love. So happy to support local love.
56 pounds of Driftless (from our Wisconsin line) waiting patiently to be cut into 180 bars this morning.
Say hello to 3 of our Synergy soaps. Not new, but back on the curing rack. Meet Energize, Passion, and Immuni-T.
Another one of our Synergy line done and poured. These 56 pounds of Immuni-T soap will be all tucked in blankets for a long night sleep. Will post the cut tomorrow. So far we have NEVER been able to have all 8 of our Synergy soaps on the shelf at one time. They sell so fast that it is almost always the case that one or two are already sold out when the next ones are just going on the curing rack. Well, I have a plan to foil that!  I am making them all one after the other and will not release them until they are all ready together. I can hardly wait to see them all lined up!  This is #3 of 8.
Wins the cutest customer award. ❤️
Today! At the Mt Horeb Fall Festival! Would LOVE to see you!  We have tons of goat milk soaps, luscious lip balms, body butters galore, and more.
Tonight’s cut. Passion! On the shelves soon. Oh, so wonderful!
Milkweed seed pod picking day!  Planning to spread these around for the Monarchs.
The fridge is FULL!  Time for soap making over drive....and cheese....and kefir!