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Home-crafted, natural, artisan goat milk soaps and other bath and body nourishments made with as much local and organic ingredients as possible.


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So...my human kid was a trampoline for my goat kid today. :) So nice out today with the sunshine! There’s enough high spots on the fencing that the goat kids can come and go under the fence at will. So much fun!
Want a really great Mother’s Day gift designed by @wiscoboxes! You will find a little bit of Jangle in all 3 sizes.
Meet Piper Pickle. She has the sweetest, most sassy and playful personality! Until you bring out a bottle! Then watch out world! Move outta her way!!! The floppy ears are the best! She’s mostly Alpine with just a touch of Saanen (white longer hair) and Nubian (floppy ears). I foresee her being the leader of the pack someday. She has such a strong, regal quality to her.
We’re so excited to have a new retail location for you in Sun Prairie! Stop in to see the selection at @wisconsin_apparel_co !
For a little #Wisconsin fun. What’s your answer?
Just when we thought Spring had sprung. The biggest snow flakes I’ve ever seen!i guess that’s what to expect in April in Wisconsin.
Meet the maker! 
Hi! I’m Janelle. I develop and make everything here at Jangle Soapworks. I milk the goats by hand for your artisan goat milk soap. 
I love what I do! I love it that it makes your skin happy! I love it that I am taking care of my family in a way that makes me happy and healthy! 
I am rather obsessed with healthy eating and organics; natural living and caring for the environment. My mission is to minimize single use plastics both in my personal life and business. 
I have two kids in college, and one still at home, a very supportive husband, 2 cats, one dog, some fish, a bearded dragon, 24 chickens, 10 goats, and many perennials (yes, they are my babies too!). I love to create, see the world thru the lense “half full”, believe that we create our existence thru our thoughts and deeds, and love God. 
I am obsessed with decluttering (though you might not know it from seeing my home....yet). I value honesty and integrity over most character traits. I have a thing for jars and bags. I love monarch butterflies and rainbows, rocks and rivers, reading and learning, table manners and correct grammar (although I do tend to make my own rules too). I never give up. I am really weird in many ways. But I like it that way. 
That’s me in a nutshell. Tell me something about you!
Learning how to navigate the ramp. When they gain competency here, that’s when all the fun really starts!
Such a wonderful soap. Happy Trails! Go for a bike ride! Spring is finally here! This scent will get you pumped for the trails....make you feel #invincible! Make you feel like you can #ride like the wind. #eucalyptus #lemongrass #cedarwood Stop off the bike trial at @tuvalucoffee and get one today!
Our Wisconsin line of soaps perfectly ready for you in a store all about #Wisconsin! @madebykella
Meet Poppy!  The sweetest little sweetness. So calm and shy. A perfect snuggler. Almost two weeks old already!
Find a @wiscoboxes that’s perfect for every gifting need. In this “Welcome little one” box you’ll find everything perfect for new parents and baby. Spy our Baby Bastille soap perfect for baby bums.