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Home-crafted, natural, artisan goat milk soaps and other bath and body nourishments made with as much local and organic ingredients as possible.


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We are helping 40 or 50 of these amazing beauties become adults in butterflyhood this summer.
Handsome Puck! Happily, he has found a summer hang-out with a delightful family and lots to eat! He’ll vacation there, then come home in the fall for a rendezvous with a couple of our girls.
Shampoo bars!!! Finally, they are in stock, labeled and in stores. However, they are selling fast and we are already almost out!  We have given a ton of free samples out lately and people are loving how soft their hair is AND that there is no plastic container! A win/win!  We have two types: one for normal, fine or oily hair; and one for dry, curly or frizzy hair. Get these today @tuvalucoffee and Isaac’s Soaps & Antiques in Mt Horeb.
Coffee anyone? Did you know that coffee (caffeine) is good for your skin, as well as your soul? It helps to rejuvenate tired skin. Also, the exfoliating qualities of both the ground coffee and the goat milk will leave your skin feeling baby soft! This custom made goat milk soap made for @tuvalucoffee is packed with fresh coffee, green and brown roasted coffee oil, ground coffee, and of course as always goat milk and organic base oils. YUM!!!
New toy in the house.....and I wonder why they call it a “pelican head”? Now I can do some serious soap shredding for our Kitchen & Gardener soap AND laundry powder! Gone are the salad shooter days.
What a great class today! We made cold process soap. Each person went home with 2.5 pounds of their own custom made soap. You guys nailed it!!! Can’t wait to see photos of your cut soap.
These AMAZING little critters are so fascinating! I could (and do too much) sit and watch these Monarch caterpillars all day long. It never gets old!
If you know me at all, you know I am completely smitten with the monarch butterfly and everything involved in its life. These gorgeous milkweed flowers are from a kind of milkweed that the butterflies tend to love most of all! I get the most eggs and larva from this particular milkweed (Tropical Milkweed Asclepius Curacassica) variety. Unfortunately it is an annual in Wisconsin, but it sure is gorgeous! I will surely be growing more of these next year!
Retail spotlight: @embracewellnessmiddleton Embrace Wellness in Middleton carries a very broad range of our product line. The owner and staff there are very knowledgeable about all of our products and will help you find just the right one for your needs. Also, I think you’ll be rather amazed at all of the other wellness products and knowledge you’ll find there. I highly recommend a visit!
All 7 of my kids: both human and goat. I love them all so much!
It’s just not summer in #wisconsin without purple fingers and wild mulberries! Yum!!