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These clamp kits are handy,  You can use it to hold almost anything.


I guess it is time to retire this old hat, it looks like the next washing will cause it to fall apart.

It was 4 good years.  bye bye hat.



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I saw this little guy on the office window the other night.  I wounder if he knows I took his photo?  I wonder if he knows what instagram is?


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My sawzall stopped working on Saturday.  Just stopped.  No overheating, no grease came out.  No smoke came out.

Testing the cord showed that the electricity was not going through.  Opened up the plug end where it goes into the saw. 
By the looks of this I would say I was lucky it did not catch on fire!  I have a solid cord installed now, hard wired in place.



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I used one of the new clamp kits to hold it all in place while setting it up for welding.

It works better than getting your wife to hold it.


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I had some free time and a desire.  So I made a shelf for my welding table.  Used the same pattern as the top, worked out great.

ちょっと時間があったから溶接テーブルの下に棚を付け足してみました! すごく便利!

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I posted this before but the owner asked me to take the name off the truck.  So I did and here you go.

We have three more on the high seas right now and two more waiting to ship in Australia.  I am starting to like troopies.




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Some days you get to fish. And some days you get to clean the fish.  Today I cleaned the fish.  Only 300 more to go.
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Made some wings for the table.  Now 1600mm X 1000mm.
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More for Wayne.

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