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i live in LA and make pop music

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I’m so excited about everything I’m creating 🖤🖤🖤 2019 is gonna be such a fun year ok here’s a cute edit of me in the meantime 🥺🤓
Today I worked out for the first time in a year in a half.  All self-deprecating humor aside, I stopped because of my own insecurities.... but not this year!! I danced my lil tush off today in @tomxfeeney’s class and I’m excited to prove to myself that my dysmorphia ain’t got nothing on me.
the ambiance is to die for
2018 was quite the year. As I flew back to NYC from Colombia last night, I spent a lot of time reflecting. The year started extremely dark for me; to be honest, it felt like rock bottom. At times, it felt like I had no reason to wake up in the morning.  My self-esteem was in shambles, and the days blurred together. 
Fast forward a few months, and something clicked for me. I picked myself up by the bootstraps and spent hours a day forcing myself back into writing and recording music, my true passion. I dropped two singles and music videos- one of which I taught myself how to edit. I performed some songs to a packed crowd in LA, and worked with the artists I’ve looked up to my whole life. 
Besides expanding my creative abilities, I strengthened my friendships, fostered some new ones, and ended the year extremely driven and motivated for what’s next. I’m grateful for my chosen family, my actual family, and all the people who show me love. I feel like me again. 
Currently, I’m hopping back on a plane to fly to LA for New Years Eve festivities. I’m thankful for everyone who’s been there for me, and I’m so excited for all the new music ahead of me in the new year.  2018 was about resilience, but 2019 is gonna be about living the full fantasy and manifesting my lil pop star dreams into reality. Gratitude is the attitude. 
Love you.
me in drag
When SOPHIE said “⚙️⛓🔩⛏🗡⚔️🛠🔧” … I felt that
dinner with a view
Category is: nice Jewish boy celebrating XXXmas in Colombia
when you gotta 3D draw a face piece right before you hit the clurb
it’s severely debilitating
So proud of @leland for his new music video MIDDLE OF A HEARTBREAK premiering today on @papermagazine. Had so much fun being movement coach, playing a doorstop, accidentally eating the props, and using my talents to get a parking ticket. Wow my mind what can’t i do?! 📸 @lukefontana

Pop Star: @leland 
Directed by @jasperegan
DP: @tehillahdecastro
1st AC: Will Hecht 
Steadicam Operator: Kyler Jae
Gaffer: Daniel Kreuziger
Hair: @dustinbakerr
Makeup: @missbenny & Alexandra French
Styling: @proudhomowner 
Choreography:  Me
Craft Services: @troyesivan