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Great team performance today! And good feeling to be back on the pitch沽 #hahohe
Fantastic concert with @officialaha yesterday 泗条汨 #aha
All the best in Dテシsseldorf my friend @haraguchi_genki_official 泗娯擘汞ッ汞オ
Happy new year汳・沁 I wish you all a fantastic 2018 沽
So much fun watching NY Rangers and the norwegian player Zuccarello yesterday! 泗娯仄 #Zucca
Great teamspirit and a big win against Leipzig yesterday ! Big thanks to the fans for the fantastic support this year!沐オ笞ェ #HAHOHE
Super Weihnachtsfeier mit den fans bei Sabrina kneipe in Zehlendorf 沁沽 #hahohe
Proud to have played my 50th match for Norway. Looking forward to the continuation 汞ウ汞エ
Power training with my favorite沽笶、 #hahohe
Yes, 3 punkte!! 沽  #hahohe #3points
Very disappointed over the loss today, but now focus on the next game!汳ェ #hahohe
99! & 33 today 沽沽 Happy birthday grandma 汳